Thursday, August 27, 2015

Girl Friday Kelly!

Happy Thursday!

I'm so happy to announce that 
is staying on as a Girl Friday!
Woot Woot Hooray!!!

She's here today with a fantastic card set tutorial 
that will give you lots of options for your pattern paper stash :)

Check it out...

CAS-ual Fridays Stamps:
For this card I wanted to play around with cutting off portions of text and mimic some of the popular t-shirts I've seen this summer. I also needed some quick cards, so this was a great design to repeat once I figured out how to do it. Here's what I did:

Mask off an area on the card with sticky notes (I didn't have the long ones on hand so I just put two together). 
Stamp your first word.  
It seemed to work best if a portion of the word was still 100% visible, like the "te" at the end of this card. 
Flip your sticky note to line up with the word you just stamped and then move it down a smidge. This way you're left with a tiny white margin between the two words. When you move the sticky note down make sure you retain the same angle that you used for the first word.
Stamp the rest of the message in between the two words. It helps with readability to use very dark ink for this word, and light to medium ink for the larger two words.  

Since all the fancy stuff was stamped with the words, the only other thing you need to finish the card is some patterned paper. That's what makes these quick!

 On the next card I moved "your" to overlap "birthday" more. I think it helps to be able to read "celebrate" and then your brain can figure out "birthday" quicker. 
Always in need of teen boy cards. This is it! 
Here they all are, ready to go out in the mail. Whew, done. Hope you have some stamps you can try this technique on!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Farewell to Virginia

Happy Wednesday.

We've got one more farewell to make.
This one is the hardest for me. 
Not because I loved her best, but because I've loved her for the longest.

She's been with me since long before 
CAS-ual Fridays Stamps was born.
She was not only on that inaugural team, 
but she was on the inaugural team of CAS-ual Fridays Challenge 
way back in May of 2011,
which is where this whole adventure started. 

She's been with me since the very beginning.
She's my friend. 
Today we say farewell to Virginia.

She has created so many projects over the years 
that have wow'd me and I know they've wow'd you too. 

Here are just a handful of my favs...

I love this one! I just do!!
When she made these little tubes adorned with Loving Blooms Fri-Dies 
I swooned!  
This tutorial lives in our Pinterest Tutorial page 
so you can visit it and more anytime you'd like :)

I don't even have to explain why this one makes me happy do I?
I mean look at it!!! Wow!
Sassy Smiles, Fun-Fetti and a Shuffle shaped window. 
That's why she's Virginia Lu!!
She makes us smile...

Don't even get me started on this 
adorable hamburger she created using the Truth Blooms Fri-Die. 
People, it's a flower die! 
And she made a burger out of it!!
The Truth Is Virginia, everything is going to be fantastic...

because truly
it's your time to shine...

I will miss you. 
We all will. 
Sending love...

My very dear friend.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Farewell to Marcie

Happy Sunday!

It's been a bit of a downer week around here as we say farewell to many of our Girl Fridays. 
we say farewell to Marcie. 

Her cards have such a happy energy to them 
that I have loved sharing with you this past year.
Her projects always put a smile on my face 
like this one...

I just love how she inked up this panel to include a watery bottom and 
what could be either a glorious sunrise or sunset.
It's perfect for our Sunbeams stamp set!!

I have enjoyed having you as a Girl Friday. 
You are sweet and talented 
and just a lot of fun!
I wish you all the best, 
and I know that 
beautiful things are on your horizon :)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Farewell to Zoey

Happy Friday!

Today we say farewell to 

Well sort of...

She creates fantastical creations like this gorgeous tag 
that is full of layers and mixed media goodness. 
I love this look! 
I love how Truth Is and Truth Blooms Fri-Dies look all dressed up!

I love it so much that I started a new challenge that celebrates 
the second half of CAS-ual 
Utterly Adorable Layers. 

Today we say farewell to Zoey...
from this team. 
But she has happily moved over to the new 

where she will continue to wow us with her UAL/mixed media goodness.

See, that's not so bad *wink*

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Farewell to Deepti

Happy Wednesday!

Today is bittersweet as we are saying farewell to 

For the last year, 
she has regularly made jaws drop 
with her amazing talent and creativity. 

Like this...

Isn't it stunning?!

She very kindly put together a little tutorial so you can see how she put this together.

Step 1 - I took a grey card stock panel of the size of A2 card and cut it diagonally at the top. Next I heat embossed the Hugs sentiment making it into the background

Step 2 - I diecut the flowers and heart note from some patterned papers

Step 3 - I assembled it all along with some hemp and sequins on the card base using some foam and glue dots

Oh my gosh, I'm really going to miss her!
I wish I could keep her longer, 
but as most of you know, 
Deepti is a stamp designer now!

As much as I love seeing what she does with my designs, 
it's time for her to concentrate on her own:)

Deepti, I will miss you, 
but wish you all the best experiences as you 
develop your line. 
Much success to you my friend!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17

Happy Monday!

Girl Friday Jingle was inspired to create something "officey" 
using the Tech Talk stamp set. 

Using the graph paper as her starting point was a genius idea. 
It works so well with the cute little computer keys, and 
the silver paper clips are a super cool touch. 
This would be a great encouragement card 
don't you think?

Ok, prepare to raid your kid's school supplies for stuff you can add to your creative stash!
3-2-1 Go!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 15

Happy Saturday!
And for that matter, Happy Weekend!

When is the last time you saw stars?
Not the ones in the sky, but really saw stars?

Girl Friday Virginia has created a wonderful card
featuring our Stars Fri-Dies and Mon Ami stamps.

Oh gosh, is that cool or what?
She has graciously provided step by step photos to share how she created this.

Title: Inliad die cutting with Fun Foam
1. layer the card stock, glue the fun foam to card stock. A bright blue was used here.
2. use two sizes of Star Fri-Dies
3. you can flip the other sides over
4. flip them over 
5. Make sure that all stars fits properly

Seeing stars...aren't ya?!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 13

Happy Thursday!!

Hold onto your socks 
because Girl Friday Kelly is about to knock them off. 

She created this stunning wreath card.
She's got a wonderful picture tutorial for you to show you just how she did it.
Let's just take a moment to breathe in its beauty...

CASual Fridays Stamps and Dies:

For this card I wanted to find the center of my 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 panel since I was going to be building a circular shape. I've really grown attached to this Martha Stewart ruler with the measurements in each direction. The tiny holes are perfect for making an exact mark, like here. 
Calm and Loving 

To make the wreath I used the tree branch stamp from Calm and Loving. It wasn't right as it was, so I did some arranging.

I curved the trunk so it would make the circular wreath shape I was going for. 

I always try out designs like this on a scratch piece of paper first. You can see the first attempt with red ink wasn't so successful. I had to adjust the curve of the branch to make it a more rounded shape.

Having stamped this out before, I felt more comfortable randomly stamping around the tiny dot.

To fill a wreath shape quickly, it helps to stamp a second time before re-inking. 
Actually, with the right colors, this could make a cute little snowflake! 
 I wanted to add a little shine to the wreath, just like how the fall leaves glow when the afternoon sun falls on them. So I used some gold pigment ink. 

Then, just to be sure it had that glowing feel, I threw some gold embossing powder at it. 

You could also do this in different shades of green for a great Christmas wreath. So fun!

That is just magical!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Special Guest Designer: Isha Gupta Day 3

Happy Wednesday!

We've had the pleasure of having 
join us a guest designer these past couple of days.
She has dazzled and delighted us, 
and today she knocked my socks off...

Look at this beauty!

This is serious awesomeness!
She cut a few of the Casual Trees Fri-Dies and did her inky magic with them 
to get that brilliant color. 
I love the way this looks!
That big beautiful sentiment that she inked in such a cool way 
is from our Mon Ami set. 

I know many of you are anxiously awaiting the return of Mon Ami.
It's in production as we speak, 
and should be back in stock before the end of the month. 

Thank you so much Isha for spending some time with us 
and sharing your amazing creativity and talent. 
It's been a tremendous amount of fun!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Special Guest Designer: Isha Gupta, Day 2

Happy Tuesday!

is designing with us this week as our very special guest. 
I'm just thrilled to have her here, 
and I'm having lots of fun seeing 
the fabulous creations she's come up with 
CAS-ual Fridays Stamps and Fri-Dies.
She does amazing things with color! 
Look at that wonderfully inked panel. 
It makes the white embossed Lovely Greetings sentiment look fabulous!

 I absolutely adore this card!!!
When I wrote the poem for the Out Loud background she used for the scripty panel, 
I imagined it would be used just like this for a wonderf. 
The fact that she let the words show through the stamped and colored Mon Ami 
flowers makes my heart soar! 
Did you see how she embossed the flowers in black? 
So yummy!
I just love the way this looks!

Isha will be back tomorrow for one last day of fun. 
See you then!