Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 13

Happy Thursday!!

Hold onto your socks 
because Girl Friday Kelly is about to knock them off. 

She created this stunning wreath card.
She's got a wonderful picture tutorial for you to show you just how she did it.
Let's just take a moment to breathe in its beauty...

CASual Fridays Stamps and Dies:

For this card I wanted to find the center of my 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 panel since I was going to be building a circular shape. I've really grown attached to this Martha Stewart ruler with the measurements in each direction. The tiny holes are perfect for making an exact mark, like here. 
Calm and Loving 

To make the wreath I used the tree branch stamp from Calm and Loving. It wasn't right as it was, so I did some arranging.

I curved the trunk so it would make the circular wreath shape I was going for. 

I always try out designs like this on a scratch piece of paper first. You can see the first attempt with red ink wasn't so successful. I had to adjust the curve of the branch to make it a more rounded shape.

Having stamped this out before, I felt more comfortable randomly stamping around the tiny dot.

To fill a wreath shape quickly, it helps to stamp a second time before re-inking. 
Actually, with the right colors, this could make a cute little snowflake! 
 I wanted to add a little shine to the wreath, just like how the fall leaves glow when the afternoon sun falls on them. So I used some gold pigment ink. 

Then, just to be sure it had that glowing feel, I threw some gold embossing powder at it. 

You could also do this in different shades of green for a great Christmas wreath. So fun!

That is just magical!
Have a wonderful day!!!


conil said...

No words. Brilliant.

conil said...

No words. Brilliant.

Tenia Nelson said...


Shelly said...

So clever and beautiful!!

Annette Allen said...

WOW gorgeous

Harriet said...

Super idea, very creative and thanks for the instructions.

Taunya Butler said...

Beautiful, brilliant and super well done - so clean and so precise!! What an awesome idea!!!

SharonH said...

At first I thought the entire wreath was done with embroidery floss. Then I realized the bottom layers were stamped and only the top layer, the gold part, was embroidery floss. I can't believe it was just stamped and embossed with gold powder. I guess I have never used my gold embossing powder, since I'm a silver (wearing) kind of girl.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful card!

I Card Everyone said...

Well there you have it ... truly fantastic!
=] Michele

Greta said...

Love that wreath! I've used a branch before but never a clear stamp that allowed the stem to be curved & now I've gotta see if I have a stamp like that! Thanks for the inspiration!

Greta said...

I used your technique with one of my stamps--thanks for the inspiration!