Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 16

Happy Monday!

Now I know Monday isn't typically a word I associate with happy, and I'm guessing you probably feel the same way, but this Monday is pretty happy :)

I've got 2 great announcements, a little update on me, and a super pretty card from Girl Friday Jingle...not necessarily in that order *wink*

Announcement #1: 
More than 20 stamp and Fri-Die sets are retiring at the end of this year!
They are available now on the store website in the Retiring- going, going soon to be gone section at a very special savings until December 31st or while supplies last. 
They will not be re-ordered so once they sell out, they are gone forever!

Whew! That's a doozy of an announcement, let's get a little eye candy as an intermission shall we?

Girl Friday Jingle created this beauty using Lovely Snowflake and Noel Fri-Dies

Wow, right?! Here's how she did it-
I created this pretty holiday card using ombre ink, making it quick to reproduce multiple times! I simple stamped that GORGEOUS snowflake three times, once in the center, and then once partially on both the top and the bottom of the card. I added the die cut sentiment and some sparkling sequins to finish off the design. If you are mass producing, I suggest cutting your sentiments all at once and then running them all through a Xyron for easy assembly line production!

So a little update on me:
I had my lumpectomy on October 28th and it couldn't have gone better. Great margins, only 1 lymph node was removed and it was cancer free, so I was able to participate in a clinical trial for Intra Operative Radiation Therapy. This means I was able to receive my entire dose of radiation during surgery! When I said amazing things are coming for early stage breast cancer, I wasn't kidding! 
They have been doing this treatment for many years now in Europe and for a few years here in the US for women over 50, but this trial is for women between 40 and 50-that's me :)
I'm healing well, feeling pretty wiped out from the radiation, but at least it's done and I can just relax on the couch and rest. I'm told it will take about 4-6 weeks for my energy to return-looking forward to that :)
The last piece of the puzzle is still hanging out there...will I or won't I need chemo? My tumor was sent off for the Onco Type Dx testing which will determine, based on the unique biology of my tumor, whether chemotherapy will have any benefit for me. I have a 50% chance of scoring in the low risk category which means doing chemo would have no benefit to my risk factor and therefore I would not need it. I am really really really hoping to be in that category, but will handle it if I'm not. Just more waiting...the reoccurring theme of cancer. 

So this brings me to my 2nd big announcement:
Tomorrow is the 17th of the month, and I'm still determined to turn this life event of mine into a positive. I have a super special event planned for my Calling All Sistahs post. 

I am doing a super special release that will be kicked off with a special blog hop 
to provide inspiration for the brand new Calling All Sistahs Collection. 
This collection is available only at CAS-ual Fridays Stamps,
 and has its own unique packaging because
 50% of the profits from this collection
 will be donated to breast cancer awareness and research programs!!

It all starts at midnight eastern tonight and I hope you'll come and bring your sistahs too! 


Greta said...

So happy things went well & hope you get your energy back ahead of schedule, Michele! Of course, there's the positive side of the kids having to do more--haha! Fingers crossed no chemo will be needed! Beautiful snowflake card--love that the sentiment is done in red!

Pam said...

So happy that so far you're doing so well. Praying along with you that you won't need chemo. Can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow.

conil said...

Yay! Delighted you're resting after the first go down. Hopefully, you'll be up and rarin' to go soon. Will be praying for a postive prognosis. Your attitude is phenomenal...keep it up. We'll all be here, if you need ANYTHING! Looking forward to tomorrow.

designbydonna said...

Jingle's card is beautiful. So happy for the good results so far. Hopefully that will be it. Nothing is as stressful as waiting on test results. Rest and recover. Looking forward to you getting back into the full swing.

Keren Baker said...

Lovely card, and lovely news that things are going positively for you. You'll be raring to go in no time, I'm sure. In the meanwhile, rest up xx

Linda Gorman said...

Great card, good news! Sending positive energy your way!

cm said...

Great news so far and praying that the news to come will be even better! So inspired by your courage and positive attitude! Take time to heal fully; we're all here to encourage and support! Excited about the blog hop...