Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 30

Happy Friday!
Hi folks! Kelly here with a quick winter decoration project to get started once the Halloween decorations have been put away. This one is great to do while you're watching a show, waiting to pick up your kids, talking with your friend on the phone, basically anytime you have a few minutes to do some crafting that doesn't require a lot of thought. 

I used the Flurry Fri-Die to make some 3D snowflakes to dangle in our bathroom window. They make me feel quite cozy in my warm home!

I ran the trio of snowflakes through the die cutting machine 5 times.

Fold them down the middle. You can score them if it makes it easier.

Glue the halves.

And keep putting them together. Glue the final halves together to complete your 3D snowflake.

The more layers you use, the fuller they become. I like having a mix of 3 layer snowflakes and 5 layer snowflakes. These are easy to store too for future years. Thanks for looking!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Helen Gullett said...

Ohhhhh snow garland... It is so fun and fabulous!

Susi said...

What a lovely project, Kelly. There is nothing quite as beautiful as watching snow softly falling, and this way means it'll be falling outside AND inside :-)

Marcie Sharp said...

Love this idea!

Greta said...

Brilliant idea! Gonna give it a try--thanks for the inspiration!

D- said...

Oh Michelle your snowflakes are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Crafty hugs,

Heather North said...

This is such a cute idea, Kelly!

Shelly said...

Looove this!!

I Card Everyone said...

Never too early for these darlings, Kelly!!! GorgeousX100!

Unknown said...

This is so beautiful Kelly! WIll try to make them with my kids! ( I'm in love with the round window btw )