Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March Release Day 3

It's day 3 of our release week. 
We are back today with some project ideas for our new birthday stamp set.
This set has the same 70's vibe font that I used to design Hot Mama from the first day of the release.
You will have a lot of fun making cards for your friends and family who appreciate sassy humor.

Introducing Happy Birthday 

From Vicki 

From Larissa 

From Michelle

From Nora

From Shona

From Lisa:

So much fun!

Let's talk bonfires for a prize! I will be blowing out  52 candles next month. Leave me a comment telling me how many candles you will blow out or have blown out this year for a chance to win this set. Lucky random winner will be announced after the release.

This set and the entire release is available in the shop now! Be sure to check out the previous release posts this week for more chances to win and an update on how I am still shipping safely.

We'll be back again tomorrow with our last set. Stay healthy and stay home! 


Chandhini said...

Such a fun birthday stamp set, love the sentiments. Gorgeous cards by designers.
I will blowing out 23 candles this year.

Becca Yahrling said...

Lucky YOU - I will always be older than you .. hehe. I blew out 56 in February (well, my family took pity on my and used the numbers instead! lol). This is a fun set.

MadeByMeghanK said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Congrats! You are asking us to reveal our age?!?! OK... in August I'll blow out 39... EEK! almost the big 4-0

Dana M said...

I love this bold and playful font! Fabulous inspiration. I don't put candles on my cake (ha!) I'll be 54 this fall.

Lagene said...

Happy Birthday! Awesome creations! I'll blow out 68 candles this year!

Subhashini said...

Love this bold and beauibeau birthday stamp set!! I will be blowing 23 candles this June

Mary Holshouser said...

I will be 80 years old on Aug 26.
In my mind I'm still in my 40s.
Hope to continue that way as I've
been lucky to stay healthy and
active all this time.
Great cards in the post today.
thanks to all for sharing

Denise Bryant said...

Fun sentiments in this set! Love all the cards!
Can I plead the 5th on saying my age? It's a rather sensitive subject these days... just had a birthday this month.

Karen Hasheck said...

I am blowing out 66 candle today! As I read your blog post and love the funny new set, it is my birthday today. Will have to wait a while to get real hugs from family and friends but at least I can keep busy making cards for others to brighten their days.

Karenladd said...

Oh my gosh, I love these sassy sayings! This would be a set I'd use often and the sentiment about turning down the car radio is hilarious. I'll be blowing out 68 candles this year..yikes!!

Izzy Scrap said...

Love this fun set ! So happy birthday to you and I will blow out 2 more candles than you this year.

Jean said...

What a great set!! Happy Birthday! i passed 67 in February!

Brandi R said...

Love the font!!! This year would be 47 (if I still had birthdays). I don't do birthdays anymore....they are birth-iversarys. I stopped at 30 :-D

SHartl said...

I think I need this stamp set, lol!! Love the big bold Happy Birthday, and those add-ons are so darn funny. As for candles, I will be flowing out 36 of them this year!

cghundley said...

So Happy early Birthday!
I'll be the big 60 in
Carla from Utah

Michelle N. said...

I was 63 in February, and I don't even remember going over the hill!

AndreaH said...

Fantastic stamp set. Made me smile when I read them out. Such fun.
I'm going to be blowing out 54 candles in October. Gosh when did we get so old lol! It certainly creeps up on you doesn't it! 🤣😂😍

MBakeler said...

I will be blowing out 60 candles this year (if found worthy and covid-19 doesn't get me). I so love your stamps and I am certain this Happy Birthday stamp is going to be my new favorite! Thank you Michelle.

sentsue said...

Love this big bold greeting! 56 candles this year.

Lee said...

What fun cards! Your sentiments are always fresh and fabulous! My cake will have 62 candles this year!