Sunday, March 29, 2020

March Release Day 1

Hello and welcome to our March 2020 stamp release!
I am so glad you are here!

Before we get started, I want to address the health crisis we are all experiencing. 
First let me start by saying THANK YOU to all the nurses, doctors, first responders, lab technicians, scientists and everyone else who is putting themselves in harms way while trying to figure out how to treat and protect, and find an end to this pandemic. Sincerely and with a heart full of appreciation...Thank you. 2 tiny words for your enormous efforts.

I really considered postponing this release because of what's happening to our poor world. Some of you have lost jobs, and some of you have been ill or know someone who is. The vast majority of us are in quarantine, on shelter in place or stay at home orders. I hope against all hope that none of you have lost anyone to this. I feel like daily routine and any sense of normalcy has been taken away from us at this point as we try to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

The problem with postponing the release is that I would be postponing the happiness you might receive by taking a break from the news and doing something as normal as oohing and aahing over some eye candy. You deserve a break! 
I don't know if you're like me but I have been glued to the news and I'm tired of it. I am tired of having my stomach do flip flops every time a special report breaks in. I am tired of feeling afraid all the time and I need the break too. 
I don't want to postpone my excitement to show you my new designs that I worked so hard on months before this all came to be, or the fabulous projects the Ink Squad has prepared for you. It felt so normal and so good to write the release blog posts, and I really needed that.  
We all need a little normal I think, so if you need or want a break from our challenging reality, come hang out with us for a few minutes each day as we showcase a new set and maybe even fire up your creative mojo. Crafting is one of our most important pleasures so let's keep crafting on!

If you are not able or wanting to purchase right now, no worries. I get it! Stick around and enjoy the fun and we'll be here when you are ready.
If you would love to add some crafty fun to your stash and fall in love with any of my stuff, I am still shipping and I'll talk more about that at the end of this post.
 We are all in this together and we will make it through!
Now let's take a well deserved break and look at some fun stuff, shall we?!

I've got 4 great stamp sets to share with you this week that I think you are gonna love! 
First up is a sassy sentiment set called Hot Mama
I fell in love with this seventies vibe font and thought it was perfect for the funny sentiments in this set. It's fun for new moms, old moms and sassing your girlfriends. Check it out!

 From Michelle

From Shona

From Larissa

From Vicki

From Nora 

From Lisa 

The entire release is available now in the shop!

Ok, so I have a question and a chance for a prize for you...
Question: If we host a card challenge at the end of our release week for anyone to play along, would you play with us?

Prize opportunity: leave a comment here answering our question for a chance to win this set.
Lucky winner will be announced at the end of our release week.

A word about shipping:
Here in Colorado we are on Stay at Home orders. Lucky for me, my business is in my home and I'm the only employee, so I don't have to break any rules.
My family and I have been self isolating for the past 2 weeks and are happily healthy so the Stay at Home for us is simply an extension of what we've already been doing. 
I have changed my shipping routine and will now have your orders picked up from a special box on my porch by USPS instead of taking it to my local post office. This allows me to have NO contact with anyone and still be able to get your orders out to you, and again not break any rules.
I am taking extra care with your packaging as I follow the CDC guidelines (lots of Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer are decorating my shipping desk) and will only have pick ups scheduled twice a week. This means it may take a little longer than normal for you to receive your orders. I have also implemented a new shipping tool that will provide your tracking numbers to you and should allow you to follow your package's journey on its way to you. I hope that gives you a little peace of mind when purchasing from me.
Now, because your package will have passed through many postal workers hands by the time it arrives in your mailbox, I encourage you to clean it off with a Clorox wipe or the like before you open it to combat any germs that might have hitched a ride on the envelope surface. I encourage you to do that with any delivery you receive right now! It's an easy extra step to keep you safer :)

We will be back tomorrow with another terrific set that is a throw back to our very first release! 
See ya tomorrow :)


Lisa said...

I know I'm happy to have a break from the serious and to have some fun creating and seeing everyone else's creations! I'm so happy you are having the release right now and I think others will feel the same. LOVE this! So fun and I'm also a huge fan of this font! Hugs and love to you Michele! Thanks for the much needed distraction!

Brandi R said...

What a fun set. As much as I'd love to join, I'm in the process of an overhaul on my crafty space during this stay home order. I can say I'd try my best to find the space and supplies to be able to join :-D

Chandhini said...

I like the new stamp set, amazing cards by designers.
I would definitely play along the challenge. I agree with the normalcy of new releases and crafting is really therapeutic, especially at times like this.

Denise Bryant said...

Fun cards with this set!
I'm just keeping my head above water these days, so I most like would not get a challenge done. I also have a hard time posting pics.

Lori Kobular said...

Of course I would play along with your challenge!! I love your card challenges!! Plus I have a ton or your wonderful stamps!!

Priscilla Bergman Joseph said...

I’ m in! As a teacher, I’m busy doing E-Learning all day, but I could use a distraction at night. So, bring on the challenge! 🤣🤣🤣

Becca Yahrling said...

Oh yes, I would play along - love entering fun challenges. The team did a great job with this fun set.

Katia said...

I love to play with you!, beautiful stamp!

Krissy said...

Would love to play along, but had to pack up my stampy stuff to have our floors replaced. If I'm back to my craft table by Friday, I'm in!

Lagene said...

I would LOVE to play along!!!!

Izzy Scrap said...

YES ! During this quarantine period nothing could be better than a challenge. Crafting is good to stay zen !

Dana M said...

Oh what a fabulously fun and playful stamp design! Amazing inspiration from the design team. I would love to play along with a challenge but I don't always find time.

cghundley said...

Wonderful new
goodies and I
would play along!
Carla from Utah

MadeByMeghanK said...

OMG! I love this HOT MAMA set! TOO FUN! YES!!!! I would love love love to do a challenge! Thanks for the chance!

Mary Holshouser said...

I would love to play in the challenge
but my computer is on its last legs.
It's replacement is here but since
we are under stay-at-home orders,
my grandson can't get here to
set it up. Very frustrating.
Love the new release. Stay safe.
thanks for sharing

AndreaH said...

Of course I'd play along for a chance of winning some of your gorgeous goodies. This stamp is really great. I love the vibe of it. Love all the cards that are shown by the DT. I think we ate all getting a little bored at home. (Hubby says it's ok for me as I've been self isolated for about 3 years now lol, I never leave the house unless Doctors or Dentist) hubby's struggling a little with the lockdown here in the UK. My thoughts are going out to everyone at this awful time and I just hope and wish it's over soon. Take care and very good health to you all. Xxx

Lee said...

So much fun! I would love to make a card to share.... I have never done that!