Thursday, August 27, 2015

Girl Friday Kelly!

Happy Thursday!

I'm so happy to announce that 
is staying on as a Girl Friday!
Woot Woot Hooray!!!

She's here today with a fantastic card set tutorial 
that will give you lots of options for your pattern paper stash :)

Check it out...

CAS-ual Fridays Stamps:
For this card I wanted to play around with cutting off portions of text and mimic some of the popular t-shirts I've seen this summer. I also needed some quick cards, so this was a great design to repeat once I figured out how to do it. Here's what I did:

Mask off an area on the card with sticky notes (I didn't have the long ones on hand so I just put two together). 
Stamp your first word.  
It seemed to work best if a portion of the word was still 100% visible, like the "te" at the end of this card. 
Flip your sticky note to line up with the word you just stamped and then move it down a smidge. This way you're left with a tiny white margin between the two words. When you move the sticky note down make sure you retain the same angle that you used for the first word.
Stamp the rest of the message in between the two words. It helps with readability to use very dark ink for this word, and light to medium ink for the larger two words.  

Since all the fancy stuff was stamped with the words, the only other thing you need to finish the card is some patterned paper. That's what makes these quick!

 On the next card I moved "your" to overlap "birthday" more. I think it helps to be able to read "celebrate" and then your brain can figure out "birthday" quicker. 
Always in need of teen boy cards. This is it! 
Here they all are, ready to go out in the mail. Whew, done. Hope you have some stamps you can try this technique on!


"glow" said...

wow... this changes the whole card, making it more versatile just with masking words and stamping them at different positions. would work if u ran into a snag like i sometimes have and ran out of space for the sentiment:) thanks for a gr8 technique to the girl friday:)

~amy~ said...

Yay for Kelly!

Greta said...

Very creative, Kelly! I used your "branch to make a wreath" technique & now I hope to try this. Love the blue floral card! Thanks for the inspiration!

Lagene said...

Love this idea! I like the two that have both words masked best!

Shelly said...

Yay for Kelly!! Awesome cards!

Harriet said...


Suchi said...

What a brilliant use of patterned paper and great sentiment technique! :)
Suchi xx

Kristie Goulet said...

Awesome sentiment technique! LOVE!!!

Angie Tieman said...

Great post, Kelly! Love what you did here! :)

Shona Chambers said...

Brilliant ideas and so happy that Kelly will be still blowing us away with her designs!!

Virginia L. said...

Kelly never ceases to amaze me! What an inspiring post!!!!

cm said...

These are brilliant!

Taunya Butler said...

What dynomite cards!! Love the set up of each one and they are just so fun!!