Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 29

Happy Sunday!

Girl Friday Kelly has done it again!
She came up with an outstanding graduation project
using In the Cards and Shuffle Fri-Dies

Middle School graduation card for my cousin ... his school color is red, so the red fits perfectly. I'm just now realizing I made red SPADES instead of red diamonds!! Well, I guess that calls attention to them being specifically RED! For a girl cousin I would have made red hearts.

They are all removeable from the pocket on the front.

Hello TIN ROOF ... how PERFECT is that for the back of a card?!?

You could also add money to the front.
Simply pop a bill behind one or all of the cards for a fun surprise.

What a super awesome project!!
Thanks so much Kelly and congrats to your cousin on becoming a high schooler!


  1. Never even noticed they were red spades because the card was so fantastic! Really cool idea!!!


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