Saturday, April 16, 2016

Calling All Sistahs April edition

Calling All Sistahs! It's the 17th!!
Today I've got your reminder, an update and a very exciting opportunity!

I created 
Calling All Sistahs 
just after I was diagnosed with breast cancer
in an effort to support breast cancer awareness all year long because 
YOU matter to me, You are my Sistahs!
We have new sistahs joining us here all the time and I'm thrilled!
If you want to know the back story on how Calling All Sistahs came to be, click HERE

 ***This is your reminder to do your breast self-exam!***
and remind your sistahs too!

On Wednesday I had my first 6 month check up.
I can't believe it's been 6 months since my surgery already!
Not gonna lie, even though I have this deep confidence that I've got this, I was a little bit nervous. 
I mean I feel like I had the best sniper in the business take the bugger out, and then my radiation oncologist came in behind her and blew up its hideout, and now my medical oncologist is securing the perimeter with lot of blood tests and tamoxifen, so I feel really good about where I'm at, but...
 there is this thing called a recurrence rate which just kind of follows behind you like a little shadow.
Shadows are silent and we aren't always aware of their presence, but they can spook you a bit sometimes, and even though my rate of recurrence is very small and I don't think about it very often, I know it's there.

So my shadow and I went to the appointment...I didn't let it sit by me, it had to stay in the corner ;)
My surgeon said I'm healing well and she's really happy with the way everything looks. Yay!
We talked a little bit about ways to manage my new hot flashes...tamoxifen is pushing me into menopause- 
oh joy.
Then she sent me over for a 3D mammogram. 
I was intrigued because I've never had one before.
It's the same process as a regular mammogram, 
(you know turn yourself into a human pretzel while a machine squeeeeezes you,) 
but this machine looks different and takes a whole bunch of pictures all at once to provide a 3D image which provides a better picture of what's going on in there which can be very helpful diagnostically especially if you have dense breast tissue like me.
The radiologist wanted to do an ultrasound too as back up.
*That took my breath away a little at first because I felt my shadow creep closer to me, and I instantly worried that she'd found something*
She explained she wanted to be really aggressive in the thoroughness of the screenings we'll be doing
 every 6 months. 
If anything looks at all suspicious she wants to be all over it. 
I'm totally good with that. 
She is now officially on my team as my "Shadow Hunter"
My shadow hunter says all looks good, and no evidence of anything lurking. Yay!!
So, here I am 6 months after my lumpectomy and I am cancer free!
*pause for gleeful happy dance!*
I still have my shadow but I'm not afraid of it. 
Thanks to the clinical trial, I am being watched so carefully, and will be for the next 10 years,
that if I do have a recurrence, I am confident we will catch it early again and I know I'll still be ok.
Early detection made ALL the difference for me.
It made it possible to cure me.

Now that I've got this first milestone behind me, 
it's time to kick things up a notch. 
I will still be doing my own monthly self exams...ALWAYS!
I will continue reminding YOU, my sistahs, 
to do your monthly self exams and get your yearly mammograms. 
I will continue donating 50% of my profits from the Calling All Sistahs Collection to

BUT, I want to have even more fun and reach more sistahs!
and that's where Heather comes in! *grin*

Beginning in May
we will host the Sistahood Blog Hop,
a monthly blog hop held in conjunction with my Calling All Sistahs post,
and we want you to be part of it!
*oh my gosh you guys, I am soooo super excited about this!!!*

If you have a stamp or die set from the Calling All Sistahs collection in your stash,
 and you have a blog,
 and you'd like to create an inspiration project to encourage and empower 
all of our sistahs everywhere 
that early detection is the key,
Heather and I would like to invite YOU to join us as a blog stop on the Sistahood Blog Hop!
Never been in a blog hop before? That's ok, no experience necessary :)

First hop is May 17th, 
We'll begin accepting blog stop reservations on May 1st,
and you are invited to join us now at our new
  Calling All Sistahs facebook group <<<click here to visit and join!
where we'll keep you updated on hop details, share inspiration and be inspiring to each other too.

You can checkout my special collection here:

We can't leave today without giving you a little eye candy :)
Heather created this beauty that would be perfect to support a sistah going through it.
I love that she combined sets from our general collections with the Calling All Sistahs Collection!!
She used Hope Ribbon and Ruffled Ribbon Fri-Die 
and added a heart snipped off the Heart Note Fri-Die and a pretty image from our Frankly set.

I hope you're as excited about this as I am. 
Heather and I can't wait to see you over at the facebook group!
***if you're not a facebooker, there will still be an opportunity to be in the hop and we'll have details here on the blog for you May 1st***


  1. So happy for you, Michele, way to kick cancer's butt!!! I applaud you for your efforts to reach as many sistah's as possible!

  2. Such a HAPPY post, Michele!! <3 You totally ROCK!
    Love Heather's card! And can't wait for the hop! :)

  3. Hooray for cancer free results!!!! I love the way you look at life and this entire breast cancer journey. Thank you for allowing me to tag along and help you spread the word that cancer is not contagious but it can be caught early!

  4. Yay! for the good 6 month check up! Looking forward to the hops each month:))

  5. Congratulations! Such HAPPY news!

  6. So glad you are healing well! Keep that shadow in the corner and keep on with the good fight!

  7. I am so happy you're doing so well. If that shadow comes out, kick it back into a corner. You got this girl!

  8. So happy you are doing well Michele - you inspire me! You're strong for keeping that shadow in a corner where it belongs! Couldn't be happier for you - and of course I'll be hopping along with you!


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