Saturday, April 9, 2016

April 10 Announcing...

Happy Sunday!!

I hope you enjoyed meeting the new team additions!
Today I have 
2 special and very exciting announcements 
that I think you're really going to like because it means more fun for you!

My first exciting announcement is about

It's coming back!
Last year I was running 2 challenges: 1 for CAS designers and 1 for UAL designers.
Unfortunately, CAS designs were showing up at the UAL challenge and UAL designs were showing up at the CAS challenge which sort of defeated the purpose of having 2, and it got a little frustrating for everyone.
So, this year, we're going back to just one challenge 
making it open to ALL designers in any genre!
If you're CAS, Utterly Adorable Layers, mixed media or anything in between, you can play!

There was one designer who applied that I just knew would be perfect
to help me run the challenge
I'm thrilled to announce...

Alanna is coming on board as my Challenge Director! 
She is not only a fantastic designer but super organized and lots of fun too!
She just happens to live about an hour away, so we met for lunch one day and remodeled the challenge over chips and guacamole :)
We're making it more inclusive, more fun and we've got a team of designers who can't wait to inspire you!
Alanna has come up with some awesome challenge themes that you will super love!
Together, we chose 6 super awesome designers to be Girl Fridays for the challenge!!
Mark your calendars to join us at the challenge starting 
May 1st to meet them, 
and to play with us for their first challenge which will also be our 5th birthday!!!

My next big announcement is about 

I want to make it bigger and better and more inclusive too!
But I can't do it by myself so luckily for me, 
there was a designer who was perfect for the job! 
She's totally committed to my campaign...probably even more so because she was with me when I received super awesome news about my treatment options, and she was there when the very idea of Calling All Sistahs was born.
I'm so excited to share that
coming on board as my Calling All Sistahs Blog Hop Coordinator is...

She and I are cooking up all the details to make a super awesome monthly blog hop to remind all our sistahs everywhere to do their self exams, and 
you'll be able to get the scoop on how 
can be part of it at my next 
Calling All Sistahs post on the 17th of this month!

You'll want to leave some love for each of these awesome ladies and all the new Girl Fridays I've introduced to you on their blogs to increase your chance of winning! 
That's right! 
1 lucky random comment from our introduction week will win a $50 gift certificate!

You have until 6pm eastern on Monday to comment on all the blogs for your chance to win!
I'll announce the winner on Tuesday April 12th, right here :)


  1. Wow! I am so excited for the new team, the challenge designers, the new helpers you have coordinating and all of the wonderful changes happening here, Michele! Good for you! I cannot wait to play along! Hugs!

  2. Michele, I cannot thank you enough for letting me be a part of your amazing campaign! I'm excited to see it grow and reach even more sistahs!!!

  3. These changes all sound fabulous and so exciting for us all. Loving the new DT x

  4. This really is exciting news. Wonderful and and no doubt positive changes!

  5. Congratulations ladies! Looking forward to playing along!!

  6. I am totally new to Casual Fridays! Sounds exciting and fun here! Would love to play in your fun challenges! Love all the talented new DT's and looking forward to see and learn from them!

  7. Can't wait for the challenges to start!

  8. Yay! Two very familiar faces!!! I am excited for the challenges. Congratulations to Alanna and Heather! xoxo

  9. Congratulations to both Alanna & Heather! Also another big "tip of the hat" to all of the new ladies on the team!!! Sounds like a great year ahead for CASual Fridays (AND us!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Congrats to you and your fantastic team! Looking forward to joining in all the fun!

  11. Congrats to you both! What a great new line-up and can't wait to see what exciting changes are on the horizon ♥

  12. Congrats to Heather and Alanna! Looking forward to the fun & inspiration.

  13. Sounds like you've made some great additions and changes. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  14. Congratulations!!! Looks like you've completed your additions. Exciting!!!!😀

  15. A big thanks to Michele for this opportunity. I am thrilled and cannot wait for the first challenge. And congrats to Heather as well!

  16. I'm so easily confused sometimes, so I am so EXCITED about the changes to the challenges! Congrats Alanna and Heather on joining the team with all your skills!

  17. Congratulations to you both.

  18. You have once again chosen the best people for these fun jobs, Michele! Congratulations to both of these awesome talented women!! Hugs, Darnell

  19. Wonderful team! Love the inspiration!

  20. Lots of exciting news today. Looking forward to the new challenge and continuing with the monthly blog hops.

  21. Wow, congrats! Looking forward to the challenges and blog hops.

  22. Lots of fun! Congratulations to all the new Girl Friday's and designers. So excited to see your art.

  23. Can't wait to participate in the new challenge format. Thank you for always being inspiring!

  24. It's a good thing to have Helpers:)) Hello Alanna,and Heather!
    Hello Challenge!! And Sistahs!! Looning forward to playing along with so many new Girl Fridays!

  25. Welcome aboard to Alanna and Heather! Looking forward to having their participation! Sounds like lots of fun things ahead!

  26. Wow so much fun and excitement! Can't wait. Love your challenges, looking forward to seeing what Alanna will be cooking up for us. Welcome Alanna. I've not been involved with your sistah group yet, but it sounds great. Welcome Heather. And thank you Michele for all your hard work, creativity and enthusiasm for making crafting so fun and keeping us healthy.

  27. Great announcements--welcome and congrats to Alanna and Heather!

  28. Congratulations to Heather and Alanna! I'm looking forward to the new challenge and blog hop.

  29. Sounds like lots more fun challenges here and can see why you could use some help with all that's happening. Bring on Alanna and Heather to the rescue and congratulations to both! Off to give them some love.

  30. I am really looking forward to the new challenges and am ever so grateful for your support of Calling All Sistahs. I have lost several family members to breast cancer and had my own scare 4 years ago so am always glad to spread the word!

  31. Great announcement and
    congratulations to the
    final team members!
    Carla from Utah

  32. Congratulations Alanna and Heather. Looking forward to the new challenges and hope to play along.

  33. Sounds like some great times coming the next year!

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  37. Awesome choices!! Congratulations, Alanna and Heather!!! I'm looking forward to the challenges and blog hop!

  38. Congratulations!! And absolutely I will mark my calendar for the new challenge!

  39. Happy to meet you Heather! You are an amazing friend and I know you're going to rock this! Can't wait to play along with you!


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