Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Farewell to Deepti

Happy Wednesday!

Today is bittersweet as we are saying farewell to 

For the last year, 
she has regularly made jaws drop 
with her amazing talent and creativity. 

Like this...

Isn't it stunning?!

She very kindly put together a little tutorial so you can see how she put this together.

Step 1 - I took a grey card stock panel of the size of A2 card and cut it diagonally at the top. Next I heat embossed the Hugs sentiment making it into the background

Step 2 - I diecut the flowers and heart note from some patterned papers

Step 3 - I assembled it all along with some hemp and sequins on the card base using some foam and glue dots

Oh my gosh, I'm really going to miss her!
I wish I could keep her longer, 
but as most of you know, 
Deepti is a stamp designer now!

As much as I love seeing what she does with my designs, 
it's time for her to concentrate on her own:)

Deepti, I will miss you, 
but wish you all the best experiences as you 
develop your line. 
Much success to you my friend!!


  1. Thank you so much Michele for your good wishes :) I will miss you tooooooooooo :( :(

  2. Oh yes...she certainly makes my heart flutter everytime I see one of her amazing this one. Good luck, Deepti. You deserve all the prosperity and accolades you receive.

  3. This card is beautiful and so striking in its' design!! Love the crisp black and white with the pops of color!! Deepti - you are wonderful and so amazing and I wish LUCK and SUCCESS in any venture you set out in!! Happy day to you all!!

  4. Love this! Wishing you well, Deepti!

  5. Truly talented, I would tie her down. Dont let her out the door lol such an inspiration.

  6. She certainly will be missed, her designs have been incredible! Exciting to see what the future has in-store for her with her own stamps!!


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