Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 24

Happy Saturday!
How about a 2-fer...that's 2 days of Girl Friday Kelly's fabulosity!
No extra charge! LOL!

This first one using sentiments from Big Thanks is totally amazeballs!

She stamped those sentiments on each of the strips but in 2 different colors, then spliced them together.

Check out her Zigs and Zags!! I just love how she stamped her pattern, 
then flipped it upside down at the top to create that awesome diamond grid.
Her pairing of sentiments from Truth is and Frankly is an awesome combination.

I swear, she creates the most dynamic cards with sentiment from Calm and Gentle.
That lovely sentiment has some lovely company from the Loving Thoughts blooms
that she cut from felt and then...wait for it...heat embossed!
Yes, apparently you can heat emboss felt!
Just think how much fun you can have creating flowers like these with our new Loving Blooms Fri-Dies!
You've got to stop by her blog to see closeups of her work
and get the nitty gritty details.


  1. wow amazing set of cards-great inspirations!

  2. Wow.. all three cards are soooo adorable! I just *LOVE* Kelly's clever and creative way to create!


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