Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Announcement #3

Happy Announcement Day #3!
If you are just joining in the fun and wondering What you've missed,
well the answer is you haven't missed the What yet.
THAT is coming tomorrow :)
WHO you've missed can easily be made up by scrolling down to see the first 2 announcements *wink*
Today we have our last Who...doesn't that sound so Dr. Seuss?  

Any guesses?

CFC 101 - Jingle

You Deserve This and More


She has one of the happiest blogs I've ever visited,
 and she's wicked talented to boot!
She is CAS to the core and you will love seeing her creations here!

I said at the very beginning of the month that July would be jam packed with exciting announcements.
I also said that one of them would have you saying Friday in a whole new way.
Yesterday I mentioned "next chapter"
The biggest announcement of the month happens tomorrow...
right here at 6am.
WHAT is it????????

Believe me when I say you won't want to miss it, it really is to die for!!


I love hearing from you!!