Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 23

Happy Sunday!

I've got 2 very creative cards from Girl Friday Kelly to share today using our brand new 

In this first one, you can tell she had a lot of fun positioning and creatively inking the small square link to create this super cool map of the Boston subway system!
Links Boston Subway

Next up she paired this same set with Only You and Tech Talk 
to create her own modern and very artsy tree!
Links, Only You, Tech Talk Tree

She discovered that the small keys in Tech Talk fit neatly inside the large links!
And guess what else...the little diamond shapes from Only You fit inside the small square links!
I wish I could say I planned for that to happen, but it's just a happy accident that now you can all have fun with :)

You can find Lotsa Links and all the other stamps featured here today at our amazing retailers
or on the store website!
Have a very inky day!


  1. Wow! What great ideas! I love the colors as well as how Kelly used the stamps! TFS!

  2. Wow really fun cards, the subway system is brilliant, but that is Kelly isn't it? :)


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