Giving Back

I was able to beat breast cancer in 2015 because of all the people who graciously and generously donated to cancer research years and decades before I was diagnosed. That funding made it possible for researchers and doctors to develop cutting edge approaches to treatment that made fighting this disease possible for me and others like me. There is more to be done, more people to be cured, more lives to be saved, so giving back is important to me.

By myself I can do a little, but together we can do more.
A portion of every sale made here will be given to charitable foundations that are actively seeking cures and better treatment strategies for breast cancer, and all cancer, because not all cancers are pink.

In 2019 we are grateful to be able to regularly support

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Scrapbooking for Newbies said...

Thank you for supporting this cause. My mom has had BC 3 times, my younger sister has had it once, my sister and I have a childhood friend that we grew up together and still see who has BC, stage 3, caught it we are hoping for the best for her. I just ordered the die and some stamps to make her a card each week that she is fighting this until she has won! Thank you again, and I am so happy you kicked BC's ASS!