Sunday, June 14, 2020

I'm so sorry for your loss

Hi everyone!! Hopefully your all enjoying a great weekend whether your stuck in quarantine or not. Or your about to start another week like me, although I hope yours is a lot warmer!!

The past week has been quite emotional for me and my family. We got a second opinion on a lump which our Golden Retriever Bella had on her chest since March. Our regular vet kept saying it would heal and wouldn't remove it. My husband took her to another vet on Monday last week for a second opinion. They immediately took a biopsy and we heard it was cancer 24hrs later. The following day we had to wait to see if her x-rays told us it had spread and thankfully it hadn't, so they went ahead with a huge surgery to remove it all.

She is doing well and is pretty much back to her goofy self. She has been extremely needy though, wanting cuddles and pat's 24/7 which we've all been happy to give her. It really got me thinking about how horrible it would have been to suddenly not have her around anymore and how awful it is for everyone to lose a fur-baby. Since I was in this frame of mind I decided to make a card using some of the new stamps and stencils:

I couldn't bring myself to put a little doggie on this card but really sorry if you do have a black and white cat......don't want to upset anyone.....

I used the new Pawesome Stencil which has four different images on it that can be used for all sorts of card themes. The little cat is from the Little Huggables stamp set and the sentiment from the new Rainbow Bridge stamp set which is perfect for all those pet sympathy cards. You can find out how I put this all together over on my blog HERE.

I hope this gives you some ideas for those times when you do have to make a pet-sympathy card. I know not everyone thinks the same about their pets but for someone like me who considers them part of my family, a card knowing someone out there is thinking about us is a lovely thought.

Please give your pets a big squeeze from me and I'll see you all back here soon with a much more happy and upbeat card, I promise!!

Take care


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conil said...

Very sweet and colorful way to help one say goodbye to a furry family member. The sparkly background is simply gorgeous.