Friday, April 24, 2020

Last Day of April Release Week Inspiration

What a week! We've shown you lots of really great stuff and on this last day, we've got one more inspiring day for you.

I believe in encouragement cards. They are powerful. They matter. 
In 2015 I crushed breast cancer. The cards I received when I was recovering meant the world to me. They were bright spots in the day that soon filled my mantle and brought me a lot of happy when I needed some happy.

Last month I introduced Heart Ribbon stamp set, the newest addition to my encouragement category. 
Today I am introducing a stencil version of that pretty stamp. It is a slightly different size than the stamp version and will allow you to use your crafty mediums to have some additional creativity when making your encouragement projects. 

Introducing Love Ribbon 6x6 Stencil

From Lisa 

From Nora 

From Vicki

From Larissa

And that's a wrap! 

Last chance to win the entire release!
Remember, there are 2 packages up for grabs: 1 for simply commenting on the blog hop post and one for following our social media accounts.
 Click HERE to visit our Spread Joy Not Germs blog hop post and follow the steps to get your entry. You have until midnight tonight - April 24th to enter and the winner will be announced on April 26th. While you're there you might want to hop along as there is a lot of fun and prizes to be had! 

Thanks for joining us this week, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did :)


Sue D said...

This ribbon stencil is perfect for encouragement cards.

Denise Bryant said...

Pretty stencil design! Love the cards!

Karthikha said...

This stencil is wonderful, and great for making uplifting cards!!

Arianna Barbara said...

Great stencil!!! Love all these cards!!!

Carol Wortman said...

HAPPY 5th Anniversary on the fight 👍!! I must admit I struggle so much with cards for a person with Cancer! Could be the uncertainty of tomorrow...., but it is also my favorite to send. These are exactly the vessel to send proper hugs and hope. Thank you for this release!! And please stay healthy

cghundley said...

These heart ribbons
look amazing and love
them done in rainbows.
Carla from Utah

JustYolie said...

Beautiful card samples! Another stencil added to the list.