Monday, March 5, 2018

Peace & Comfort back in stock!

I love the idea of a sympathy card bearing pretty colors. For the same reason you wouldn't send dreary looking flowers, a pretty card can be a bright spot in an otherwise dark time.

Jeanne has designed a beautiful card using our Peace & Comfort stamp set that I am sure will mean a lot to her friend.

"Sympathy card for a dear friend using the Peace & Comfort Stamp Set because a store bought card can't say everything I want to.
The background florals are stamped in shades of blue. The sentiment is stamped in matching ink (Something I wish I'd remember to do more often). Because the sentiment covers the background panel it's only necessary to stamp around the edges - so no worring about how to make it look complete in the center."

Sympathy cards aren't necessarily an enjoyable thing to create, but they do mean so much and being able to give a card that will make someone feel good even if only for a short time is worth the effort.

Peace & Comfort is now back in stock. 

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