Thursday, January 4, 2018

Release the Stamps: Day 5

Welcome to DAY 5 of our January release!

I don't think anyone enjoys creating sympathy cards. I certainly don't.
I have found it's easier to have a few made up ahead because I usually don't feel creative when I find I need one.
I just designed a pretty script stamp set that will make creating sympathy cards easier, and it can also work for encouragement too.

Introducing Peace & Comfort

The pretty script makes for a great card front, and the smaller sentiments could easily also go on the front but would be perfect stamped inside the card too. 

From Kimberly

From Lisa

From Shona

From Vicki

From Nora

From Jeanne

This pretty set is a great basic to add to your stash for the times you'll need it.

Tomorrow we'll be back for one last introduction, a fantastic background stamp that will be perfect for Valentine's Day! 
Remember, all the new products are in the shop now so you don't have to wait!


  1. Peace & Comfort is a great stamp set!

  2. Beautiful scripty font! Love it! Perfect set for making sympathy cards.

  3. The font is absolutely beautiful! Great set.

  4. Love the pretty, scripty font, and wonderful samples by the DT.

  5. These are cards that you hope to avoid.
    The sentiments are wonderful - not
    over-board but convey the message so
    well. thanks for sharing.

  6. what a great sentiment stamp set! love the projects too!

  7. Wonderful set to make sympathy cards.

  8. Sentiments are great...but the "happy/colorful" cards seem inappropriate with these sentiments and what they are conveying.

  9. Love the scripty font! Gorgeous cards!!!

  10. Gorgeous sentiments stamp set design!
    The inspiration projects are beautiful and amazing.
    Thank you!

  11. That’s such a great stamp set !


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