Monday, December 4, 2017

Hold Christmas in your heart

I am super excited! I just got tickets to see The Nutcracker here in Denver! I've never seen the show live so I'm so excited!! I love nutcrackers. I have an entire collection that grows each year by at least one.
If you are a Nutcracker fan or a lover of ballet, you'll love this card from Vicki.

She paired our Sugar Plum Fairy and Tutu with the help of Ballerina Fri-Dies to create this happy Christmas card.

The sweet little dancers leaping and dancing around the snowflake tree are fantastic!!
Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? Have you sent your cards out? Have you started them yet? I haven't! yikes!! 

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  1. How exciting, we go to the ballet every Jan and we saw Mathew Bourne’s version a few years ago and what a joy it was, just like this card. This Jan we are booked to see his version of Cinderella set in the London Blitz, he is an amazing Choreograher and I recommend seeing his version of any will love the show, I have the music on c.d and the perfect music to craft to!,


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