Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Scrapbooking is Rad!

Happy Wednesday!

The majority of my designers are cardmakers. However, many of us started in scrapbooking first. So it always gives me a special thrill when one of the Girl Fridays chooses to share one of their special layouts with us. A layout is personal for sure, and I love seeing how they use my stamps in their own personal life. It's special for sure! Today, Girl Friday Lisa has a RAD layout featuring her little using Rad 2

Here's what Lisa said about this fab layout:
This layout was created using the Rad Stamp Set. I love how I didn't need any patterned paper for this layout to look complete. The words stamped in the background multiple times, made for a cool and graphic design, while still keeping the eyes drawn towards the photos. A mix of stain dabbers and misters helped this background come together in no time at all.

This set is so perfect for boys and teens. It certainly works for girls too with the simple change of an ink color or two, but as the mom of 2 boys, it was in fact designed with my boys in mind.

I hope you find some time to get your ink on today :)

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