Monday, April 17, 2017

Calling All Sistahs! It's the 17th!

Happy Monday!

I have fun and exciting announcements to make today!
But first...
It's the 17th of the month and I am here to remind you, as promised, to do your self breast exams!
It only takes a couple of minutes but it could very well save your life. Please remind your sistahs to do it too! Early detection is sooo important!

I have made a couple of important changes to Calling All Sistahs that I think you will all really enjoy.
Instead of doing a monthly blog hop, I came up with a new and improved idea!
I've created a special blog just for Calling All Sistahs!
*pausing for applause!*

On the 17th of each month, I'll still do the reminder post because it's super important to me, and I'll be doing it from the new blog!
But wait! There's more!

You'll have to visit the new Calling All Sistahs blog to see what that is!
ok, here is just a little tiny teaser...

There is sooo much more! It's soooo worth it! You'll be sad if you miss it!
Click HERE

I hope you find some time to get your ink on today :)


Shelly said...

Went over and exciting! :)

Heather North said...

So encouraged by what is coming!!!