Thursday, February 16, 2017

Calling All Sistahs Breast Cancer Awareness Blog Hop

Happy Friday!

Calling All Sistahs!
As promised, I'm here to remind you to do your self breast exam!

You matter.
Early detection is key.
Please share this message with all of your sistahs.
If we can catch it early, we can keep working together to take this disease DOWN!
Breast Cancer Awareness
needs to be part of our monthly regiment.
October is great for getting the idea of awareness out there but there are 11 other months in the year
and breast cancer does not own a calendar.
I found mine in August during a routine self exam.
It changed my life, but I have a lot of life left to live because I caught it early.
That is my sincere hope for all of you!

Please do your self exams.
If you are past due on your mammogram, please schedule it today.
I don't want you to have it,
but if you do,
I want you to find it so you can crush it!

I'm joined today by sistahs from across the globe.
They are all just like you and me...awesome women who care :)
Some of us are survivors, some of us have survivors in our lives, and some of us have lost sistahs.
All of us want to spread the word about awareness and the importance of taking care of yourself.
I hope that you will be inspired by their projects,
strengthened by their messages,
empowered by our sistahood.

Before we start the hop,
I have a couple of winners to announce from last month!
I left for CHA the day after the hop last month and then was so distracted by all the hugging and eye candy, I completely forgot about our winners post! My bad!
From Melissa's blog:
                joanne herbert says:
What an awesome card!!! I love the tag especially. Hugs Jo

From Kimberly's blog:
So pretty! Love the vellum.

From Sue's blog:
Very pretty. Love the embossed design

You've all won a $15 gift certificate to my website!
Winners, please email me at to claim your prize.

There will be 3 more winners from today's hop!
They will be announced on February 20th...I promise!
Be sure to leave a little love at each stop to increase your chances of being a winner,
plus the comments seriously make these designers days!

Cas-ual Fridays Stamps <<you are are
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  1. Thank you for this important reminder, Michele!!!

  2. All the cards on the Blog Hop are gorgeous and filled with love! Thank you for this wonderful reminder Blog Hop! We all need a reminder sometimes! Thank you for yours!

  3. Thanks so much for the hosting this wonderful monthly reminder blog hop, Michele! As someone who had a scare about 15 months ago, I know the importance of that monthly self-check all too well.

  4. Great hope Idea, just had to have a recheck myself scary thought but all good. This Time.

  5. thanks for the reminder.
    The hop was great.
    Everyone stay healthy.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. beautiful cards on the blog hop! thanks for creating awareness about breast cancer

  7. This is such an important health wake up call for us gals. Thank you for sponsoring this event:)

  8. Thanks for the reminder--off to hop.

  9. I love these hops. And I am going in for Biopsies on the 28th feb., and hoping they come back all good, am a bit concerned but thanks to your reminders I have caught it early. Wish me luck, I need it......

    1. I wish you luck but more than that I wish you to know you're not alone and we've got you. Hoping so strongly that they are benign and all is good. Please let me know what happens, you can contact me via facebook or through my contact us link on my website.

  10. Another awesome hop and monthly reminder! I am due for my annual exam, so I'll be gettin' 'em squished next month!

  11. Thank you so much for doing this great hop! I lost my mom to breast cancer when we were both way too young. She wasn't there for me for all the great milestones in your life when you want your mom around. So do it for yourself, and do it for all the people who love you that you might leave behind.

  12. Thank you for letting me be part of this hop and reminding me to check myself too, cause I do it at the same time as I write my post for the hop! Lol!

  13. Thanks Michele, I know too many people who have been affected by this disease.


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