Friday, January 6, 2017

Introducing Taheerah Atchia

Happy Saturday!

2017 is going to be awesome!
I've got lots of fun and excitement in store for you here!
If you signed up for our newsletter, you got a little advance heads up about
some of the awesomeness coming and I do believe I mentioned an
exciting announcement scheduled for today :)

I have a new Girl Friday to announce!!

She's witty and talented,
positive and approachable,
inspiring and imaginative,
and I'm so excited she is now part of my team!


She created a super cool card for her big debut that is everything she is!

She's sweet, awesome and cool!
And I think today is an epic one and I think we are all probably squealing by now!

One of the sets she used retired last year and many of you were broken hearted about it.
Guess what? It's been redesigned and will be coming back in March!
How RAD is that?!
This is going to be a whole lot of fun having her here
and I hope you will join me in welcoming her.

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  1. Welcome Taheerah!
    Love her blog also.
    Carla from Utah

  2. It's going to be fun to see what the super-talented Taheerah does with your great products!

  3. fantastic. Taheera is so creative. I love everything she makes.

  4. Wonderful!Can't wait to see Taheera's creations with Casual Fridays Stamps!

  5. Squeal! Looking forward to seeing what both of you have in store for the new year!

  6. Awesome news! So happy that Taheera is part of this wonderful team.

  7. Yay! Love Taheerah and her work. Can't wait to see more!!

  8. CAS-ual Fridays + Taheerah....How could THIS be a bad match! ♥ IT! Congratulations to you BOTH!

  9. This is very excellent news - great pairing and congrats Taheerah!!! Love the card!

  10. What wonderful news, so excited for Taheerah and CASual Friday - brilliant!!

  11. Congrats to Taheerah and CAS-ual Friday. They will make a awesome team.

  12. Love Taheerah's creativity. What a wonderful match she'll be with the CAS-ual Friday style. Can't wait to see the results.

  13. YAY!! I love Taheerah's creativity and her approach to designing. That, combined with CAS-ual Fridays products will make for fantastic projects!! Already, 2017 is off to a wonderful start! Congratulations to Taheerah and CAS-ual Fridays!!!

  14. Looking forward to seeing Taheerah on the blog.

  15. Yay Taheerah! I just got my first introduction to her in her 2016 Advent Calendar Extravaganza and discovered how delightful she is - and that doesn't even touch on her talent! Congrats Taheerah - and lucky us for getting a chance to see more of her work :)

  16. Congrats to Taheerah and Congrats to Cas-ual Fridays stamps. A perfect match made in stamp heaven.

  17. Welcome Taheerah and a big congratulations to both Cas-ual Fridays stamps and her! Love her fantastic card and great to see the stamp set re-released! Am enthralled!

  18. Hi Michelle, love this card by Taheerah very different to what I'm used to but willing to give it a go. Thanks x

  19. Hi Michelle, love this card by Taheerah very different to what I'm used to but willing to give it a go. Thanks x


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