Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November Calling All Sistahs

Calling All Sistahs!
It's the 17th of the month!

I'm so happy you're here!!

Each month I am joined by
the Girl Fridays
awesome bloggy friends
from around the world.

My message is simple.
Early. Detection. Works.
Please do your monthly self breast examinations today!
And make your mammogram appointment if you are due.
Believe me, I do not want any of you to ever have cancer.
if it's there, I want you to find it early
so you will have choices about your treatment,
and so you can crush it like I did.

for the specific purpose of
creating awareness and
helping others by donating 50% of its profits.
Its a little thing to do,
but I believe it's far worse to do nothing because you thought you could only do a little.
So, I do my little.

Please enjoy the hop.
There are awesome stories and inspiration waiting for you.
I'd love to have you be a stop on our next hop!
If you have a blog, and at least one of my stamp or die sets,
please consider joining.

for sistahood and more info on how to be part of our monthly hop :)


  1. Thank you, Michele, for the reminder and encouragement you bring each month. I hope I never find a lump, but I know if I do, my sistahs have got my back. <3

  2. Such a wonderful monthly reminder for us to check our "girls"! I love all the cards in this great hop and all the wonderful stamps sets you have made for us to remind our Sistahs!

  3. Thank you so much.Your words of encouragement are a Blessing.

  4. Thanks for the important reminder and I enjoyed the blog hop.

  5. It's so great of you, a fighter and winner, to make the effort to remind and encourage us all regularly! I found some stunning new ideas on this hop that I hope to try soon... always an extra plus in hopping! : )


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