Friday, September 16, 2016

September 17: Calling All Sistahs Blog Hop

Happy Saturday!
It's the 17th of the month
which means
Calling All Sistahs!!

This is your monthly reminder to
do your self breast exam
to make your appointment for your mammogram
if you are due for one.

After our August blog hop,
I was contacted by one of
our sistahs
who had just been newly diagnosed.
It broke my heart to hear her news,
but I'm relieved to say she caught this early so I am confidant she will be ok.
It's hard.
It's a real lot to go through.
There is so much waiting,
so much uncertainty
so many emotions
and it feels like it's happening too fast and too slow
all at the same time.
Believe me,
I don't want anyone to have to go through this,
but my mission
through Calling All Sistahs
is to create that critical and most necessary

the earlier you can catch it, the better fighting chance you have.
If you do have to do this,
my sincere wish is that
you will be doing it knowing
you've got this!!

Fight to win sistahs!!

I've got a list of fabulous sistahs
who have created some eye candy for you today
on our Girl Power hop.
Please leave them some love as you hop through,
3 of you will win a prize just for commenting!

For more info on how to be a stop on our hop,
please join us on our
or see Heather's post at the end of the hop if you're not a facebooker ;)

And away you go!! :)

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Thank you for hopping with us.
Please check yourself
and remind your sistahs to do the same.
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Heather North said...

My thoughts and prayers are with this dear sister. We are fighting for you, sistah!!! <3 <3 <3

Sheila H said...

Thank you for highlighting the importance of self exams and mammograms.

Sue D said...

Great blog hop and thanks for the reminder.

Sandi said...

I am that sistah, Heather. Thank goodness for the August reminder. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I start my journey to wellness on Monday 9/19 with my first appointment with the breast surgeon.

Melissa Friedrich said...

Thanks for the reminds and for helping to get the word out.

Cynthia Clark said...

Great blog hop. I had a friend recently pass from breast cancer. Thanks for reminding us to do our self exams!

Maria Wicks said...

Thank you for the reminder. My sister in law just had her last chemo last week, so she's getting ready for surgery now. She was stage 3, so it had us all quite worried. But it looks like she's going to pull through and beat this. Prayers for everyone who's fighting it. Remember, you are not alone.

Denise Bryant said...

Thanks for my monthly reminder! Great hop!