Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April Sneak Peek Week: Day 4

It's Day 4 of our Sneak Peek Week
and the fun is in full swing!
Yesterday I introduced a fabulous stamp set and die set that coordinates with 
not 1, not 2 but 3 stamp sets!!

Today, we introduce the second stamp set that coordinates with this awesome Fri-Die...
Smiling Fri-Dies and Bravo stamps...

Late last year I retired a cool thank you set. 
I wasn't ready to say goodbye to the high5 stamp featured in it, so I brought it back, 
but made it better and cooler than before, 
and with an entire stamp set designed around it.
This set will be awesome for graduations, promotions, and any special event in your loved one's lives that deserves being celebrated and appreciated.

And now, prepare to be amazed by the Girl Fridays!!

From Kimberly...

From Lydia...

From Vicki...

From Jingle...

From Bonnie...

From Kelly...

From Diane...

From Archana...

From Jeanne...

From Joanna...

From Lisa...

From Nora...

From Shona...

It's easy to see just how much fun you can have with this awesome set
and how versatile it can be!
We're getting closer to the Saturday release date, but in the meantime...

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Thin crust or thick crust pizza?
for your chance to win a $15 gift code to the store!
***US, Canada, International, everyone is welcome to play along!***
You have until 9 pm eastern on Friday, April 29th.
the winner will be announced on April 30th.

Tomorrow we'll have more eye candy 
and one more chance to win!
Then on Saturday the shopping begins!!
Tell your friends!!


  1. Definitely thick crust and extra cheese!

  2. Fabulous sample cards! Love the new stamps and dies!
    Thick crust, please!

  3. This release is fun- you guys need a round of applause! ;) Well, my choice is thin crust! ;)
    Suchi xx

  4. Another fabulous day of new goodies and wonderful inspiration ... bravo! Thin crust every time for me! Anita :)

  5. All of these are
    so cute and colorful.
    I love thin crust pizza!
    Carla from Utah

  6. Thin crust of course!
    The girls really rocked the new goodies today!

  7. Wow loving the fonts on this one too !! Thin crust ;)

  8. Wow loving the fonts on this one too !! Thin crust ;)

  9. So many GORGEOUS cards! Really beautiful and unique creations!!!

  10. Great cards!
    Thin crust pizza:-)

  11. Awesome cards! Love this release and can't wait until Saturday. Thin crust for me :o)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hmm...I like thin pizza! :) So many uses in this set! :)

  14. Fabulous. My grandchildren love high 5's. I like thin crust pizza.

  15. If I'm being good, a thin crust! If I'm not being good, thick crust!

  16. Wow, I am amazed at all the different kinds and styles of cards with this awesome sentiment stamp and dies! Love the fonts and the phrases! Thin crust please!

  17. Thin crust pizza.
    The DT has displayed such amazing talent. Each card is special in it's own way.

  18. Loving these sentiments! Barbque chicken pizza!

  19. What an encouraging set and cute samples! Usually we get thin crust pizza, but every once in a while we get deep dish. I love both!

  20. Wow! Great cards! I love colours and sentiments! I'm italian and one of my favourite dishes is Pizza. I love thick crust pizza! I'm already following via email, on Instagram, Fb and Twitter.

  21. LOVE this stamp set!!! So awesome! LOVE me some thick crust, but enjoy both! :)

  22. Wow! Love seeing various feminime amd kasculine designs today from the team. Fabulous!!

    I love both thin and thick crust! I just love pizzas! :D

    I am following you by email, on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Do not wanna miss anything

  23. Thin crust, definitely! AWESOME cards, new stamps & dies!

  24. Wow, some neat creative cards on this post! Thanks for sharing all of the Girl Fridays' creations this week. Thick crust all the way!!

  25. Gorgeous creations! Love this fun ♥

    As for pizza crust.....I love them both. Doesn't matter to me as long as it's pizza :-D

  26. Boy did the DT knock it out of the park today--what a post! Always thin crust pizza for us & I'll be bringing it home from work tomorrow for dinner! I'm almost retired, but they asked me to work tomorrow, so we'll need a reward--haha!

  27. Awesome sets for celebratory types of cards. I love all the designers work too! And, I prefer thin crust as it has less carbs.

  28. WOWSERS! and HIGH 5 to the team!! Thin crust pizza

  29. Awesome collection of beautiful cards! Bravo! I like thick crust pizza - tastier!

  30. Thick crust!! My husband loves Pizza Hut.

  31. These are amazing!!! Thin crust for me...unless it's super delicious. Then I want it nice and thick.

  32. Love this set, it's just what I need!
    Thin crust for me, though pizza has never been the same for me since I tasted the real thing in Rome, it was DELICIOUS!

  33. Thin crust all the way for me and traditional topping: Italian sausage. Now I am hungry! P.S. Love the dies!!!

  34. Thick crust...combination with jalapeƱos.

  35. Wow! Gorgeous collection of cards! I haven't been able to eat pizza in several years due to food intolerances, so if somehow I were able to eat pizza, I wouldn't be fussy and would enjoy either kind.

  36. Thin crust only...have to keep my figure trim while doubling up the cheese (for some reason, this doesn't seem to work). You seem to have assembled the perfect DT. What a joy to look through their work.

  37. These are all wonderful. Wow, do you have the most amazing DT or what??? Thin crust pizza all the way for me.

  38. What a super fun release!!!! And the DT is rockin' it!!! I love pretty much ALL pizza!!!

  39. What awesome cards from the design team! I love Thick crust pizza!

  40. How fun that there are multiple sets to go with the dies!! Another fabulous job by the DT. I'm a thick crust girl all the way (I used to be a cook at Pizza Hut).

  41. Another round of AWESOME cards and sets!! Love!
    And I like a in between crust of thick and thin...not too thin and not too thick. ;)

  42. Awesomeness abounds here once again! Homemade pizza happens once a week at our place. I make the dough; my husband does alllll the assembly/baking (he's a keeper *grin*). Thin crust!!

  43. Thick crust for me as long as the topping goes to the edge. Great cards presented here today.

  44. Definitely thin crust!!!! Awesome cards!

  45. Great inspiration today! I LOVE thin crust pizza!
    Take care!

  46. Bravo is my favorite die!! Terrific projects!
    Thick crust, of course! Cars, cards and carbs by the cart-full! : 0

  47. Lovely projects! I prefer thin crust! :)

  48. Your design team made so many wonderful creations with this release! Both thin and thick. If it has cheese in it its that much better.

  49. I have seen so many awesome samples with this release. Love the talent here.

    Depends on my mood... thick when I'm in a bready comfort food mood, thin when I'm feeling healthy.


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