Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 22

Happy Friday!!

You are going to love today because today is awesome!!
You will want to read all the way through to start with eye candy and 
finish with a special SALE announcement!!

Let's start with a little pop quiz:
I love this card from Jingle because 
A) she used Sunbeams in such a cool way!
B) That Tag Buddies tag flipped upside down is the bomb!
C) Tying two tags together is awesome!
D) All of the above!

If you answered D, you must love this card too!!

So today is the eve of my 48th birthday!
Anyone who knows me knows that up until last year I had turned 39 nine times!
After recently beating breast cancer, my birthday matters even more to me so I'm more than happy now to actually own my age. 48 baby! Booyah!
I'm celebrating all weekend long 
and thought it would be fun to make it fun for you too!

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone...and by that I mean TELL EVERYONE!
I've put a whole bunch of our favorite stamps on 
And guess what?
Every Girl Friday has a special savings code on her blog that you can use
WITH the sale pricing!!

You can find the link to your favorite Girl Friday's blog at the top of the page in the
  "Meet the Ink Squad" tab
To access the sale goodies, 
Simply load your cart with your goodies that you're oh so excited about, 
then choose the "checkout" option. 
Then enter your promotion code just before you choose your payment option. 
This will turn your good deal into a pretty smokin' deal!
Sale is while supplies last or until April 30th...whichever happens first!

We've got new goodies releasing next week and you'll want to be sure to join us on Monday 
for the very first sneak peeks!

Happy birthday to me...happy mail to you!


  1. Happiest birthday!!! What a fun (and generous!) way to celebrate!

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Have a fab day and you are still a baby! Off to look at the sale xx

  3. Happy birthday Michele!! Enjoy your day.

  4. Fantastic card! Such a clever design!!! Happy Birthday, Michele!!! 48 and absolutely, positively FABULOUS!!!

  5. Such a creative card, love it! Happy Birthday, Michele!

  6. Isn't this clever. What a terrific card. Are you sure about your age, you don't look over 25?

  7. Happy Birthday Michele!!! Such a fantastic creation!


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