Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 17 Calling All Sistahs

Calling All Sistahs! It's the 17th!!

I created 
Calling All Sistahs 
in an effort to support breast cancer awareness all year long because 
YOU matter to me, You are my Sistahs!
We have new sistahs joining us here all the time and I'm thrilled!
If you want to know the back story on how Calling All Sistahs came to be, click HERE

 ***This is your reminder to do your breast self-exam!***
and remind your sistahs too!

If you're not exactly sure how to do a self exam, you can click here to get the information you need, and then follow up with your doctor at your next appointment.

If you find something do your best not to freak out.
I'm not gonna lie, as your sistah I will tell you it is a scary experience to discover a lump in your breast.
But what is scarier is NOT finding that lump!
Most lumps turn out to be nothing to worry about BUT you need to get it checked out by your doctor to make that determination.

Not all breast tumors can be felt.
Some are very small or located in a dense area that provides a good hiding place.
So please don't skip your yearly mammogram.

I've heard that some women are saying they are scared to get their first mammogram because they've heard it hurts or they are embarrassed for someone to see their breasts.
Ok, as your sistah, I will say that yes it's a bit uncomfortable but I wouldn't say it hurts. You kind of have to be a human pretzel at times to get in the correct position and it's sort of pinchy. But it's over in a few minutes, and those few uncomfortable and maybe embarrassing moments  
can save your life.
And as your sistah I can promise you this...Cancer hurts worse and Cancer is scarier than a mammogram. 
That mammogram could absolutely prevent cancer from killing you.
Be brave.
Being brave doesn't mean you AREN'T nervous or even downright scared,
It means you ARE nervous or even downright scared but you do it anyway.
So tell your technician that you aren't exactly thrilled to be here today, they'll do their best to make you comfortable and explain the process.
Then close your eyes and pretend to be somewhere else and know that you are in good hands.

Girl Friday Julia
created a really cool and fun card using products from our Calling All Sistahs Collection
that would be perfect to send to a friend who matters to you to remind them to make that appointment.

I love how she created a collage look using a whole bunch of sentiments from Calling All Sistahs, 
and the Ruffled Ribbon Fri-Die looks so cool popped up in the center. 
Awesome card, and just a reminder that 50% of the profits from this collection 
will be donated to breast cancer research and awareness programs.

Please do your self exams!
I'll be back again next month to remind you again :)


I love hearing from you!!