Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 1 of the Girlfriend Collection Release

Welcome to the release of the Girlfriend Collection!!

This release has been a loooong time coming 
and I am soooo excited to finally bring it to you!

Many of you have been waiting for these stamps and dies since you first saw them 
in the inaugural edition of Catherine Pooler's Stamp of Approval Box about 6 months ago. 

The wait is nearly over!!

Today and tomorrow,
the Girl Fridays will show you how much fun these stamps and dies are to play with, 
I'll give you some of the backstory on the collection 
and then on Wednesday, 
I'll press the magic button and release them on the website :)

These stamps and dies are really fun and work so well together.
Let's see some eye candy!

Kelly simply stamped the Tag Buddy.
I love the little border strip of Curtis Background!

Gosh I love how she used Friendly Flower Fri-Dies to create that fabulous bloom!
And the stamped blooms in the background peeking over the Love Ya strip are too cute!

Archana used the stamps and dies together to create this darling card. 
I really like how she offset the panel and added stitching.

Love the bottom border Jingle created!
Curtis Background is a big stamp but you don't always have to use all of it :)

Joanna's got a video on her blog to show you how she created this sparkly Friend card!

Angie curved the sentiments to give a fun motion and I adore how she layered 2 of the tags!

And this one from Julia makes me smile really big. 
I love the little trail of dots and gems she cascaded across the panel
and the fun striped die cut. Awesome!

See what I mean?! 
I just love this collection and I think it might be one of my most favorite that I've ever done!
So what you may or may not know
 is that I designed this collection with Catherine in mind.
She and her friendship were my inspiration.
She happened to be here in Denver filming for Craftsy and we met for dinner.
It was our first real life meeting and it was like we were old friends just picking up where we'd last left off. She told me about her idea for her SOA box and I thought it sounded amazing.
(I was right, her Stamp of Approval boxes are absolutely off the chain!)
That night I went home and 
I thought about the things we talked about
and my creative wheels began to spin.
The very next morning I texted her a screenshot of the Girlfriend stamps 
which was inspired by her website logo.
Girlfriend  4 x 6 stamp set  $15.00

And then later that next day, she posted a picture of a pattern she fell in love with at the Curtis Hotel 
on a pillow or a curtain or something,
and I took one look at it and said "that's my logo deconstructed!" 
It took me about 4 minutes to create Curtis Background.
Curtis Background  $15.00

2 stamp sets in 2 days!
I will tell you that is my personal creative record as it usually takes me about 2 weeks or longer to design a single set.

and then Catherine asked...can you do some dies to go with?
My response? But of course!

I love dies that can be used completely independent of the stamps so
I created the Friend and Love Ya dies to do just that. 
They of course coordinate with the Girlfriend stamps but you'll find that you can use them with so many other things in your stash too.

                                    Friend Fri-Die $9.50                               Love Ya Fri-Die  $9.50

The Friendly Flower Fri-Dies follows the same concept. 
You can certainly use them to just create an outline of a stamped image 
or you can really have some fun and use the individual components to mix and match 
into your own beautiful blooms.
It's a 6 die set that will cut 7 images

Friendly Flowers Fri-Dies  $15.00

and last but not least, Tag Buddies because tags are just plain fun!
3 great tag shapes that you'll be able to use with anything
and for anything!!

Tag Buddies  $20.00

I appreciate you all spending time here with me during my release week 
so one of you is going to win this collection valued at $84
and you'll have 2 chances to be that lucky somebody!!

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What you like most about this new Friendship Collection
for your chance to win it!
***US, Canada, International, everyone is welcome to play along!***
You have until 9 pm eastern on Tuesday, January 5th.
the winner will be announced on January 6th.

Tomorrow we'll have more eye candy 
and another chance to win!
Then on Wednesday the shopping begins!!
Tell your friends!!


  1. Wow, this looks like a fantastic release!! Thank you!


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  2. I really love the flower dies & tags--great release!

  3. Happy New Year and thank you for sharing and inspiring! I look forward to following you throughout the new year. What is not to like (love) about this collection. It would help to touch too many peoples hearts and lives if I were fortunate enough to win it! Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway! God Bless you. Eliana

  4. All these goodies look so much fun, Michele ... my particular faves are the graphic and cool Curtis Background and that sweet whimsical Friendly Flowers Fri-die ... fabulous! Already a happy Feedly follower! Anita :)

  5. Oh my!! Awesome release! I just LOVE the sentiments in the girlfriend stamp set. I also love the two sentiment fri-dies! :)

  6. I am in love with Curtis background:-)

  7. Love hearing how this came about. FAB set!!!

  8. What's not to love? Specifically, I'm drawn to the font and the very cool background!

  9. I have been following Catherine's work for a long time now. I am so HAPPY for her success with SOA! What I love most about this collection: Can you say EVERYTHING???? I love that there are dies to go with and that there are stand alone dies! (I could go on...LOL)
    Thanks so much for the chance to win these as I don't have the budget right now to join SN OR buy the SOA! (HOPEFULLY in the future that will change!)
    Happy New Year!

  10. SQUEAL!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! =) Such BEAUTIFUL Designs!! I LOVE the Sentiments and the AWESOME Die Cuts!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS New Year's Week!! HUGS!! =)

  11. Love Love Love...great sentiments...and it is alllll about friendship!!!!

  12. WOW! What do I love most about this collection: ALL of it. It's ot often that I really enjoy a whole collection, but this one is exceptional and so much fun. If I don't win it, I think I'll have to buy it!!! Thanks so much for all the new ideas.
    Greetings from Sally in France.

  13. OMG! Michelle, this is so flipping awesome! I am totally in love with the Girlfriend stamp set & word dies. They just shot to the top of my wish list! Happy New Year, my friend! It is going to be fabulous!

  14. What a fabulous collection! Terrific story of the inspiration that brought you to this point. I love the background stamp - too cool.

  15. This is a really awesome set! I just love the font that's used. Looks to be a quite versatile set, too.

  16. Wonderful set! This is a fantastic collection. Thanks so much for a chance to win. Cheers.

  17. Wonderful set! This is a fantastic collection. Thanks so much for a chance to win. Cheers.

  18. I like the friend and love ya dies as well as the stamp set. I am already a follower.


  19. Iam already following you everywhere! I love love love the fonts used in this and the retro feel.

  20. I love the story behind the collection. A meeting between new friends influencing the start of the design and then the combining of ideas to complete the design.
    the Curtis background is unique. It will be fun to use it on my greeting cards.
    thanks for sharing.

  21. I really like this friendship collection. I would definitely use it to create cards, which by the way, I loved the samples. They were all awesome. I just started following Casual Fridays in every way except the Instagram. I don't have that and I don't have a cell phone that would allow me to use it. I have an old fashion cell phone that does nothing but calls. Boo! Anyway thank you for the opportunity to enter to win this amazing set. Happy New Year Casual Friday!

  22. I'm thinking of so many possibilities of how I can use these beauties throughout the year. Love them.

  23. I like the friend and love ya dies most. They are versatile and can be used for so many projects. Thanks for sharing the story on the creation of this collection. I'm a long-time E-mail subscriber.

  24. I love the whole concept. Many designs are just "Love and Family" and we need these types of of sets.

  25. Such fun! Would love these for scrapping!

  26. I love the theme of this collection and the tag dies are my favorite!

  27. I love EVERYTHING about this collection! Lately I've been into word dies, so I really love the "friend" and love ya" dies!

  28. LOVE the font and the inspiration behind this set!!! We recently moved, so both my girls left their these would be perfect for those keeping in touch cards and projects...thank you for the chance to win!

  29. What I prefer about this new Friendship Collection are the sentiments and the awesome die cuts! Thank you for this amazing chance to win this adorable set! I've already followed your blog via email and I'm a yor follower on Instagram and Twitter as raggiodiluce82 and on Pinterest and FB as Arianna Barbara. Thank you again and Having Fingers Crossed!!!!

  30. I love the Girlfriend Stamp set. There are so many combinations of sentiments you can create!

  31. Omg! I adore this release. I love the Curtis background. It's so different than any other background stamp I've seen. I also am a fan of the matching dies since I just got a big kick machine for Christmas. You keep me inspired. Thank you for an opportunity to win. Happy New Year!

  32. Omg! I adore this release. I love the Curtis background. It's so different than any other background stamp I've seen. I also am a fan of the matching dies since I just got a big kick machine for Christmas. You keep me inspired. Thank you for an opportunity to win. Happy New Year!

  33. What a fantastic collection, Michelle!! I love everything about it and how it is geared toward the girlfriends in our lives - the women who truly get us, who commiserate with us, who rejoice with us, who cry and laugh with us. The sentiments, the fonts, the graphics all clearly have that "girlfriend" attitude. Love this and you can bet its on my wish list. I have a feeling you will sell out of this very quickly!

  34. Great new collection! What I love most is the matching dies and the cool background stamp! Thank you for the chance to win. Happy New Year to you!

  35. Fabulous collection. I really like the shape of the tag dies.

  36. What an amazing collection, Michele!!! Love the new stamps, dies, tags!!! It's all absolutely fabulous! And the DT did a fantastic job with their samples! WOW!

  37. I love this new collection! I can never have enough ways to tell friends how much they mean to me, and the stamps and dies are just fabulous! Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful collection!

  38. LOVE this collection! The dies are really calling my name ♥

  39. What a great collection of stamps and dies! Love the Curtis Background, it's such a fun design and the font style is fabulous!

  40. It is such a cool set to keep in touch with the special girls in your life.

  41. I love the font of this stamp and die! I would definitely send my friends more cards using this set. It's so fun!

  42. LOVE these!! They're just so happy and sure to put a smile om someone's face!

  43. Happy New Year, thank you for inspiring me! I am a follower and what I like most about this new set is it provides us with the opportunity to tell those we love and care about just how much. It provides a way to encourage, lift up and support those who are closest to our hearts in a happy, fun way. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway! God Bless you. Eliana from Lakewood

  44. so cute... I love the stamps and dies, but love the tag buddies (I have a thing for tags!)

  45. I absolutely love it all but especially the tag dies! Thank you so much for the chance to win! I have everything crossed! xxx

  46. My favorite part of this collection is the stamp set. Those sentiments are fun and can be combined in different ways...which I love. I have a big group of girlfriends who are all unique and special to me.

  47. I already follow on Bloglovin, and on twitter and instagram!

  48. I already follow on everything except facebook. I donot do facebook anymore. It is very hard to say what is my favorite as I really like all. They just go together so awesome. My favorite is the word stamps. Thanks

  49. Happy New Year! I just discovered this site. I love the friend stamp and coordinating dies! Can't wait to see more.

  50. I love the style of your beautiful font. The Curtis background is really cool. The tag buddies are awesome. Everything in this release is great :) Happy 2016!

  51. This is an awesome collection. I love the font and dies as well as the background stamp. I missed the first SOA release and have been waiting for these to be released. I already follow via email.
    Teresa P

  52. Hello. Love your blog. I already follow the blog, your Pinterest and FB. I love the new stamp set because besides for your girl friends it can be used for many other people and occasions. I am also crazy for sets with matching dies :)

  53. I already follow you everyway I can....I don't want to miss a thing. I love this release!! My favorite is the font (swoon!) and the tag die set. I am all about tags lately.

  54. I love the stamps
    and the flower dies.
    I am a follower on
    FB and pinterest, and
    your blog.
    Carla from Utah

  55. I love that the dies match the stamps. Too cute!!!!

  56. Fabulous new sets and dies! I follow on FB and Pinterest too!

  57. The sentiments are awesome! Love it all...but I love to find sentiments that are different...

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. I love the love ya and friend dies. Can't wait to get them!

  60. I love the love ya and friend dies. Can't wait to get them!

  61. I most definitely LOVE the new word dies!! They are so versatile and beautiful font!

  62. Michele, the story about a special friendship that sparked you to create these products touches my heart! I imagine that this set, more than any other, will have us thinking about those wonderful girlfriends who make positive impacts in our lives as we create, with the resulting cards being infused with love. Guaranteed! Everything you've shown is rife with possibilities; the best one being bringing joy to the people we care about! Awesome, my friend, absolutely awesome!

    1. I'm so dazzled by the showcases that I forgot to add: I follow you via Feedly, FB and, just recently, instagram!

  63. I absolutely LOVE this collection! It is so awesome!!!!!

  64. Amazing!! It is hard to pick what I like best because they are all awesome, but I do keep scrolling back to drool over the curtis background.

  65. Those are amazing and gorgeous collections! I like the most is the theme: FRIEND/FRIENDSHIP. Not that many out there has coordinating stamps and dies with this theme. THANK YOU for all the inspirations!

  66. who doesn't like tag dies? :)

  67. I loVe your new dies and stamps but my fav is the Friendly Flowers. Thanks everyone for sharing your wonderful projects.
    {I already follow by email and Pinterest}
    Crafty hugs,

  68. What a great release! I love the dies the most! Thanks for the chance to win!

  69. I'm not only super excited to see this set...the dies by the way are freakin' amazing!!! I'm also so proud of all you've accomplished, personally and professionally! You are an inspiration my friend!!! I just got on Instagram so I'm following you there now but I already was everywhere else! I'm a stalker! And I WILL be buying this collection!!!

  70. Oh my goodness. I missed out on this when it was first released!! I love everything about this collections!!! The dies, the stamp sets and oh the sentiments just touch my heart!!!

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    intrest and Instagram!

  72. What I like most is that all these new goodies can be used in so many different ways and for lots of occasions!

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    If I have to pick one favorite, I think it's the Curtis background. I love background stamps :)

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  77. I fell in love with these when I saw the Stamp of Approval box, but couldn't spring for it. LOVE the Friend and Girlfriend stamps and dies! and that crazy background, too! Following you in every way possible.

  78. OMG, what don't I love about this set?! From the awesome stamps to the amazing dies, this is a must have for every card maker and paper crafter! I would be forever grateful if I won!!! Thanks for the chance!

  79. i really love this release. lots of great products.

  80. Fabulous release. I love the tags in all the different sizes and shapes.


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