Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 17th Calling All Sistahs

Calling All Sistahs! It's the 17th!!

I created 
Calling All Sistahs 
in an effort to support breast cancer awareness all year long because 
YOU matter to me, You are my Sistahs!

 ***This is your reminder to do your breast self-exam!***
and remind your sistahs too!

1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop 
invasive breast cancer 
in her lifetime. 

is not contagious.
you can catch it
 through early detection.

I did.

I told my story about being diagnosed with breast cancer, 
and all the waiting and wondering that comes along with it, in October.
That post ended with me waiting for my lumpectomy surgery that was scheduled for October 28th, 
and I promised an update, here it is :)

My surgery went really well, in fact my surgeon said it couldn't have gone any better. 
Great margins, only 1 lymph node was removed and it was cancer free- hallelujah!
This meant that I could participate in the clinical trial that I was so hoping to be a part of.
IORT- Intra Operative Radiation Therapy
This technique has been practiced in Europe for many years but is still relatively new here in the US.
They've been offering it to early stage breast cancer patients over the age of 50 for a few years now, but the study I got to be part of is for women younger than 50, but over the age of 40...that's me!
Instead of having to go and receive radiation therapy 5 days a week for 4-6 weeks, 
I was able to receive my entire dose of radiation during my lumpectomy surgery.
When I woke up in the recovery room after my 2 hour out patient lumpectomy with IORT surgery, I was done!
I went home that same night and I was all done. 
I did experience fatigue for a few weeks-the radiation can really wipe you out. 
The best way I can describe it is that when I woke up in the morning 
after sleeping for 8-10 hours, 
I felt like I'd already had a very full day, but that was my only side effect.
I'm still experiencing the tireds, I sort of just hit a wall about midway through the day, 
but after receiving the news that I won't need chemo, I'm totally good with that. 

Please spend 5 minutes viewing this news story that was run on my channel 9 news a couple of years ago, 
the very news station that I credit for creating the awareness that allowed me to find my cancer so early.
It's all about the amazing IORT treatment that I was able to receive during my lumpectomy, 
and it features my surgeon, Dr. Schwartzberg- leader of my Special Forces Team.

Treatment is evolving, the doctors and researchers are learning so much and making things so much better!! 
Bright opportunities are on the horizon and I'm so excited about what's coming for the future to make treatment better and easier, but early detection is still the key!

I'm proud to be donating 50% of the profits from my 

to breast cancer awareness and research programs that will 
use the funds to continually strive to make things better for us.

Since I launched this collection just 1 month ago,
together we've raised $471.66 and it's growing each day :)
Each purchase from this collection will add to the total :)
I'll be sending a check at the end of this month to 
a wonderful charity founded by a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34, 
and dedicated to providing early detection programs and assistance.

Next month I'll tell you why I didn't need chemo and the awesome test that made that possible.

Before we go, I've got to leave you with a little eye candy.
Girl Friday Julia created this using 
Calling All Sistahs and Hope Ribbon stamps from the Calling All Sistahs Collection

I started out by stamping the bow with white pigment ink on my cardbase. Since I wanted to add some sparkle and shine, I grabbed my Perfect Pearls and a dry brush and dabbed some perfect pearls onto the still wet pigment ink. You have to be careful not to smear the ink, but if you dab vertically and don't move the brush horizontally, it will work just fine. The hearts, from a different stamp set, were stamped with Versamark ink and then I applied the perfect pearls.

I am amazed by the detail in the stamp – as you can see in the close up, there are so many tiny elements and in real life, this bow looks stunning.


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  1. Hi Michele sorry I haven't been visiting lately. I am shock to find out about your health situation, but glad that everything is under control!! Your card is beautiful and meaningful. Thanks for sharing. Sending sunny wishes!! Have a wonderful holiday season!!


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