Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4

Happy Monday! 

Wow! What a weekend! 
The new stuff is flying off the shelves!! 
A couple of the new stamps sold out on Friday, Yes Friday!!
 I had a backup order in place which is on the big brown truck as we speak, 
and scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, 
so if you haven't received a shipping notification on your order by the end of today, 
you will by Wednesday :)

Today, I have a really fun card from Girl Friday Kelly 
using our ever popular
and blasts from the past, 
Ka-Boom and Woot Woot

I love how she created a fun little list using 
sentiments from all the sets in bright colors, 
 and then added little doodly numbers.


Ok, break over for me...back to packaging up that happy mail!


I love hearing from you!!