Thursday, April 30, 2015

May Sneak Peek Day 3

Hello again!!
Here we are at Day 3 of our May release sneak peeks!! 
We've shown you 4 really exciting new stamps and 2 wonderful Fri-Dies so far, 
and today will be no exception! 
In fact today's stamp set with coordinating Fri-Die is 
totally oh-la-la!!

Mon Ami and 
Mon Ami Fleur Fri-Dies

Now before I let you see the eye candy that awaits you, 
There is a story to this stamp set. 
I can laugh about it now, but at the time...

When I was creating this stamp set, I imagined sentiment stems for the pretty flowers. 
Since this is a supportive friendship sort of set, I started thinking of various ways to say friend, and mon ami came to mind. 
It sounds elegant and graceful and pretty, just like the flowers in this set...and it's fun to say!
Being that I took Spanish in school, I sought the interpretive skills of the only resident French speaker in our house to make sure mon ami really did mean friend so as to avoid any costly mistakes.
I thought I was golden! Until...

The following is the message I sent to the Ink Squad a few months ago...

That moment when your 13 year old, second year, french student makes a squishy face at your 
Mon Ami sample stamp set you are so happily holding in your hand. 
And you make a not-so-nice squishy face back, and say "what's that look for?" 
and he says "well... there are flowers." 
and you say "yeah? so?" 
and he says (kind of pompously too, I might add...) 
"mon ami means guy friend and mon amie means girl friend."
And you say (and yes there was shameless desperation in my voice) 
"but I asked you if mon ami meant friend"
and he says (and I swear he was even more pompous this time...) 
"but I didn't realize you weren't including the silent e when you said it"
AND your stamps are in production, and your catalog went to the printer today, and you just poured the last glass of wine in the house!!!
‪#‎fiveyearsofspanishwhatawaste‬ ‪#‎whydidntItakefrench‬‪#‎howcomeliquorstoresdontdeliver‬

Ooooh, I promise you that I googled half the night away searching desperately to find some obscure linguistic rule that would allow mon ami to be used in a generic friend way.
It doesn't exist. 
Mon Ami is a male friend.
Mon Amie is a female friend. 
Fortunately, I was able to stop the presses...literally, LOL! 
and get the fixes in at the very last second. 
So, the set is still called Mon Ami, but I was able to add a Mon Amie sentiment which makes it all ok.
Now, you have a set that will work for ANY kind of friend you have :)

Why tell you the story? Well, I'll tell you...
#1 The Girl Friday's didn't have the corrected version in time to begin creating, and I didn't want to get any tsk tsk emails about using the wrong form of mon ami *wink* 
#2 It's a good story!!

Now let's see the pretties, shall we?

from Angie

from Virginia

from Kelly
Look how good Mon Ami looks with Lovely Greetings and Lovely Links!

 from Jingle

 from Marcie

And here are the sets!

Mon Ami   set of 10  $15.00

Mon Ami Fleur Fri-Dies  set of 2  $14.00

Am I right? Oh-la-la?? 
This collection will be available May 1st!!
The waiting is nearly over but our sneak peeks aren't. 
We still have 1 more darling stamp set to show you tomorrow!
If you've ever swooned over our Calm and Gentle...just wait!!

Be sure to leave us a comment on each of our sneak peek posts. 
1 lucky winner
 will be randomly selected from 1 of these posts to win a 
$25 gift certificate to the store!!

Tomorrow we bring you the last sneak AND the RELEASE the goodies!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the "importance of E" language lesson:0
    Beautiful cards today ladies!

  2. I LOVE the story behind this AMAZING set!! I loved playing with it! xx

  3. I LOVE the story behind this AMAZING set!! I loved playing with it! xx

  4. I love the story cause that would be so me. I spell it as it sounds and my son is always doing the eye roll to let me know I have no idea. I cant wait for these and they better not sell out before I can get my grubby hands on them. Hate that being in Australia we so often miss the first release so will be holding my breath. You have done a brilliant job and your team has truly highlighted all the stamps and dies.

  5. Definitely a good story!!! I was cracking up - I can see my son doing the same thing. Beautiful set,

  6. That is just a gorgeous stamp and die set! The cards are all beautiful, with or without the "e"!

  7. Now aren't you glad you asked him? The set is gorgeous!

  8. Im so enjoying florals right now and love these especially in the bold colours they look amazing, great projects ladies :)
    Kate xx

  9. Omg gorgeous stamps set and dies amazing cards samples!!!!

  10. Oh my gosh....LOVE this set!

  11. What a great story and the cards are just beautiful!!! What an awesome release so far!

  12. LOVE the new set - there are so many possibilities! Your projects are breathtaking!!

  13. Lol cute story! This set is gorgeous!!! Love the shapes of the flowers and such perfect sentiments!!!

  14. Wonderful cards with this set and love the story!

  15. Love your story , Michele! ;) The set is beautiful! And WOW, ladies...amazing projects!

  16. Hilarious story!! Love the stamp set...with or without an "e"!!!

  17. Great stamp set and dies, and the "amie" story is a bonus! Love the font and sentiments, and the DT cards are stunning!

  18. Such a cool story behind this gorgeous stamp set, love it!!!

  19. Seriously amazing! Elegantly beautiful.

  20. Seriously must have that flower!!!!!!!

  21. So glad you shared the story of these stamps. It makes them even more beautiful. The DT cards are all beautiful. Was unable to find Zoey's post on her blog this morning, but will check back later for all the deets on her pretty card.

  22. A lovely set, and a funny (in an "ouch" kind of way) story. :)

  23. mon ami, mon amie - either way it's a friend. I love the flowers. The DT did an amazing job in the different coloring that they did. This is a beautiful set. I'd be thrilled to hear I had won it.
    thanks to everyone for sharing some wonderful cards.

  24. Oh-la-la is right, Michele!!!! What an absolutely FABULOUS stamp set and coordinating die set!! And what a crazy story! So glad to hear it all worked out okay in the end! And was worth it.....can't wait to get my inky fingers on these new goodies!!

  25. Really gorgeous set and the inspiration is just wonderful!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  26. Gorgeous cards! Love these flowers. :D

  27. Ooo-la-la for sure!! Those flowers are fabulous! Great story, now that it it has a happy ending, anyway. : ) And since you can mix and match stamp sets, I'm sure there are plenty of occasions when the "Mon Ami" sentiment will be used for guys (just probably not with the flowers).

  28. What a cute story. Gotta love I get the same kinda "tude", so I got a very clear image as I was reading it...LOL.

    On to the stamps......GORGEOUS! Absolutely wonderful new set. The whole release has be outstanding and I can't wait to see what's in store tomorrow! ♥

  29. THANK YOU for the correction, ad for your diligence in making it. I might have issues with things like this. That said, I NEED THIS SET, and I don't even like flowers. Can't wait for release day!

  30. Fabulous cards today to show off this lovely set! Love your fun Mon Ami/Amie story! I would not have known the difference or noticed it! Love the flowers and excited that there are dies to match!

  31. #rollingonthefloorlaughing#tearsstreamingdownmycheeks at your #brilliant#hilarious#fabulous story behind the creation of this set! Awesome! Of course, you should have pronounced that 'silent e' a bit more clearly when you asked your French expert (which, it turns out,he is *grin*) your question. Love it...and speaking of love...these flowers, the DT cards, the entire release! Joy all around...exponential amounts (and I agree: #liquorstoredeliveriesareamarvelousidea)

  32. Fun story and the stamps
    came out great! Love all
    the pretty cards.
    Carla from Utah

  33. I love the sentiments as the stems! So lovely in so many ways!

    Great story about the French spelling faux pas. My 13 (going on 40) year old son is equally snobbish about Spanish pronunciations and usage (my three years of high school french don't help me much with Spanish.) It's good that you now have stamps in the set for both guy and girl friends!

  34. That story is fantastic! Children! Fired, all of them ;).

    I adore the flowers in this set and I'm not usually a huge floral girl. My other favorite is from one of your sets too ;).

    Thank you for also including great sentiments. This is a must have for me!

  35. WOW this is gorgeous.. I love those flowers and the script on the sentiments is perfect.. Love all the samples by the DT.. i love it

  36. love these flowers!!! they are gorgeous!! nice stamp set..

  37. I absolutely love this stamp set. And the matching dies. But the stamp set is one of the best I have seen in a long time.

  38. I absolutely love this stamp set. And the matching dies. But the stamp set is one of the best I have seen in a long time.

  39. OMGosh I loVE this stamp set and that it has matching dies. Thanks everyone for sharing your beautiful cards.
    I can't wait to order these to play with!!!
    Crafty hugs,

  40. You´re an amazing team,like your card creations,love each of them!Thank you for these gorgeous inspirations,
    hugs Sylvie

  41. I think the saying, "KIDS!" applies here. lol...glad it was able to be fixed and thank you to all the dt for beautiful inspiration!

  42. OH WOW... These flowers and dies are gorgeous!!! Your team just amazing, their cards are SUPER GORGEOUS!

  43. Lovely flowers, lovely sentiments!

  44. OMG - what a story - glad you could fix it! Great new stamps!!!!

  45. Luv the story & the new sets & the DT work!

  46. LOL! I really enjoyed your post - sort of thing I'd do. I love, love these stamps - so pretty. Wonderful sentiments, pretty fonts and dies too! Superb inspiration cards from the team. Can't wait for the release!!

  47. Love the humorous story behind these stamps! If I'd had the stamps without the "e" I would have just added it in myself with a fine liner etc. Gorgeous cards and after seeing these and others I may have to sign up for email updates!

  48. Love, love, love the Mon Ami set and DT samples!!!

  49. You have my sympathies. Since French is my second language, I totally understand; including that, "Why didn't you tell me that part?" about it? It's even more confusing when you think that it is mon ami and mon amid when mon is considered the masculine pronoun. Confused me for years!

    Love the set and all the DT samples. I'm so glad you were able to fix it so I can order and use this set!

  50. Love this set and all the creations! The flowers are so pretty~ Just loving it!

  51. Hilarious story! And a wonderful set!

  52. You'll certainly remember that story every time you see this set!! Its gorgeous and stylish and will be oh so popular!

  53. Fabulous stamp set and die! Your story is hilarious but I can totally understand your desperation to find a loop hole! LOL. Thank goodness you were able to include the new sentiment in time. The DT's projects are amazing, once again! :-)

  54. Mon ami or amie, I'm stretching back a long way to my year 10 French, either way this is a great set.

  55. Love all the released products! Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. This stamp and set is gorgeous!! Love the all cards!

  57. What a wonderful and unique stamp set!! Love it and the cards are spectacular!!! Amazingly done by your designers and what a showcase they have made of this new stamp set!!! So very excited about all the new things you are coming out with!!

  58. Love the story! Love the stamps!

  59. Totally in love with this range!

  60. Thank you for sharing your story of this set! As a native French speaker, I can't even begin to tell you how super touched I am by your concern to be linguistically correct. Do you know how rare that is in this commercial world we live in? I guess I'm a little desensitized after a lifetime of seeing people make ignorant mistakes, but I probably wouldn't have thought any less of this beautiful set if the feminine hadn't been included. French speakers are going to love you!!! And kudos to your son for pointing it out, he's obviously paying attention in class. :)


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