Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3

Happy Monday!

Catherine Pooler has a fabulous project today, 
and a video too!!!

Do you love snowflakes?
Do you love pink snowflakes?
Oh you will after you see this...

Wowzers! What a great project!
Wasn't it fun to watch her creative process?
If you are loving her pink snowflakes, 
you'll want to check out our snowflake sets:

and you just might want to mark your calendars to join us on Black Friday.
We will release a "flurry" of excitement for your snowflake loving delight that will be to die for :)
hmmm...was that some sort of hint?

Tell us what you think of Catherine's pink snowflakes :)


  1. LOVE pink snowflakes!! Catherine's card rocks! I also LOVE the card she did in A Very Trendy Holiday class.

  2. Thank you for showcasing my video! I'm a bit obsessed with pink snowflakes....some of my stamper friends are saying PURPLE, so that may be next!

  3. I am loving the pink and glitter combo! What a gorgeous card, Catherine! Your video is always so fun to watch!

  4. Totally, awesome card!!! Love it!

  5. I tend to be traditional; however, pink snowflakes made me smile. Great idea.


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