Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Sneak Peek Week Day 4

Welcome back to Day 4 of 
September Sneak Peek Week!

I hope you've been enjoying the party so far!
Today we sneak a stamp set that is special to me.
 Please allow me to to indulge in a little story of how this set came to be...

Last year, I was working...unsuccessfully... on a stamp set that I really wanted to do.
It was one of those times when what I had in my head just wasn't coming to life how I wanted it to. 
I was frustrated!
Then...Girl Friday Kelly created a fabulous project that just about broke my jaw.
It completely inspired me!!!
The light bulb went off, my hand smacked my forehead, there was a rainbow, fireworks, an eclipse and I'm pretty sure glitter fell from the sky too...ok, just work with me here *wink*

In any event, 
the missing link was found, and I was back on track.
*insert applause*

Once the inspiration was well directed, I settled into design mode. 
It was all coming together but something...I didn't know exactly what...was missing.
 On a fishing trip with my guys this summer, surrounded by gorgeous pine trees, I was feeling happy and relaxed, so I let my mind go. 
It wandered, it explored, it went blank...and then it focused. 
That's when I wrote the poem that finished this set.

It was nearly a year in the making, but I'm so thrilled to introduce...

A lovely set of pinecones and sprigs for your creative delight.
 Use the original poem as a focal point or background, and finish off your design with a pretty sentiment. 

It's a really pretty set, but just wait til you see what it does!

So what do you think of Pinecones?
It will be available on the CAS-ual Fridays Stamps website,
and in many of your favorite shops as well, 
on Saturday!
Visit our tabs at the top of the blog to see which of your favorite shops carry our line 
so you'll know where you need to camp out :)

Please leave us a comment on today's post for your chance to win a prize!
1 lucky comment from one of the Sneak Peek days will get something yummy, so be sure to join us each day this week :)

We will be back tomorrow morning with another great stamp that also had a coordinating Fri-Dies set!
Do you like bells???

See ya tomorrow!
Same time, same place :)


  1. OMG! This stamp set is just smiling at me. So many possibilities. Love love love it :)

  2. This is terrific! The poem is lovely as are the images.

  3. This set is Awesome! Looooove the DT creations!

  4. um, I LOVE this the pinecones...awesome work by the design team!

  5. Those pine boughs are so realistic looking! Very versatile too! Great set! Looking forward to the bells tomorrow.

  6. Oh my, such gorgeous pine cones, Michele ... and amazing cards by the DT ... Jingle's is particularly stunning! Anita :)

  7. Really beautiful set! The DT's creations are stunning :)

  8. Omg another gorgeous set so pretty!!! Amazing projects by the DT!!!!

  9. I love the way Jingle colored her pine ones! The are o life like! Great set!

  10. Pretty set! Love the font of the poem, and the pine sprig is so versatile... great samples!

  11. The stamp set and the DT cards are absolutely stunning, but it's your story of how this came to be - and your so lovely poem - that has me absolutely awed! Creativity can be sparked in so many ways, and your sharing of the set's background reinforces this marvelously! Love the line about the 'glitter falling from the sky'! You're incredibly creative with design AND with words!

  12. This set is gorgeous! Great DT cards!

  13. DELIGHTFUL stamps - LOVE the pinecones, sprigs and sentiments too!!!
    WOW - the cards that Pinecones INSPIRED are ALL STUNNING!!!

  14. Wow, love this set and your poem! How uniquely original...the ladies rocked this one! Awesome and inspiring cards!

  15. oh my those are just fun stamps, very awesome cards, love the tree

  16. Love your story, the poem and this entire set! Wow!

  17. My favorite card would have to be Kelly's #1 card I like the sprigs of pine with gold beads it looks like a branch right off a Christmas tree.

  18. Love the shape of this pine cone.

  19. Beautiful new stamp set! I love the projects you created with this!

  20. What a sweet sentiment! I've never heard it but love it!

  21. What a gorgeous stamp set, Michele! And I love how you were inspired by the natural world around you to illustrate this set and write such a beautiful poem!

  22. GASP!!! What an array of gorgeous cards!!! Great stamp set!!

  23. This is the perfect set for the season...and you're poem is simply lovely.

  24. Oh my lantess!! I love this set!! The pine cone and bough are stunning!! Love the pretty examples too!

  25. The pinecones are beautiful. I love the Christmas tree that Kelly made out of the pine boughs.
    This is a wonderful - it will be used a lot during the holidays.
    Taking your time and having an "aha" moment brought out an excellent sentiment.
    thanks for sharing some many gorgeous projects.

  26. Ooooh, now this is a must have set! LOVE the pinecones! And all are such gorgeous cards!!!

  27. oh, gosh! Michelle, are you KIDDING ME! You are killing me with this release, I think it's your best yet. So much love and care you put into your sets.
    those pinecones may be the best I've ever seen....there is something about the shape of the "cones". is that what they are called???

  28. such an awesome set. Nice to have a rustic fall option.

  29. Such beautiful cards from the DT and such a beautiful stamp set!!!

  30. beautiful cards!! love these stamps!! awesome!!
    Moxie Craftie

  31. So pretty! Love that it has a gorgeous sentiment!

  32. This is outstanding and incredibly gorgeous! A true "must have" set!
    And the Girl Fridays have outdone themselves... love love love all the lush projects!!!
    Sylvia xx

  33. These are great! I love pinecones! :)

  34. Gorgeous stamp set! The Dt made some fabulous cards.

  35. I love the rustic, "homey" feel to pine cones so your new stamp set is delightful!

  36. Oh my goodness! Your Pinecone Poem makes me want to run outside and hug all our White Pine Trees. How lovely. I just Love the Poem used as a Background Stamp. Good things come from those that patiently think, pay attention to their surroundings, and create!

  37. Awesome set! Love the big sentiment and love how the DT have used everything. TFS


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