Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 27

Happy Thursday!!

Girl Friday Angie has quite the treat for you today!
She's been mixing ink with modeling paste.
Say what??

Yep, check out what she did with Exclamations, Tech Talk and Heart Board Fri-Dies...

Gawsh that looks cool!
Such a cool combination of stamps and dies and cool techniques.

Next, she created this with Exclamations and Funky Round Tag Fri-Dies.
Here's a word or two from her about the cool stuff she's playing with :)

FYI, here's how I did this one below in case you are wondering: I made the stencil piece, then filled it using modeling paste (mixed with a few drops of reinker for color). It looked fabulous, but a little lonesome by itself, so I picked up a previously rejected 3 3/4" x 5" piece of white cardstock that I had used the Funky thing die on, where I placed the die coming off the side of the cardstock. I played with placing it around the Funky die paste part and liked it, then cut the rest of the cardstock off the side and top edge. Is that as clear as mud? ha! 

Ok, so time for a little truth talk...I'd never even heard of modeling paste,
or seen it used until Angie got her ink on with it.
But...I'm thinking I NEED some now!! LOL!
It looks like so much fun!!

Super cool projects and guess what else...
They both offer a little hint about the brand new challenge that starts in the morning
on our challenge blog!
You have been following along with all the super cool improvements, right?
then get prepared to have some fun with us tomorrow!

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Looks magnificent!