Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23

Happy Tuesday!
Today is my birthday!!!
While I'm not too thrilled with the number of candles I'll have to attempt to blow out later,
(45 of them, egads!)
I always get very excited about my special day :)
And the best part is that we have a rule in our house...
Ok, I'm the one that made it up...
that once you hit forty, you get a whole week!
Woot Woot!

Today I have 2 fantastic cards from Girl Friday Piali for you!

Wish-April 22nd

I love how she combined that big bold sentiment from Bold Wishes
with the smaller one from Woot Woot.
The explosion of jacks or asterisks in the background from Exclamations makes me happy :)

ThankU-April 22nd

Oh wow!  I love how she arranged the sentiment into this design strip from Bold Wishes!
The happy colors look fantastic with the otherwise black and white theme of this card.
That little strip of pattern paper under the strip adds a fun touch of design, don't you think?

***EDITED TO ADD...***
I just found out that the Ink Squad is having a blog hop for me today!
You can find the start of that HERE.
But wait! There's more!!
The Girl Fridays from my challenge team are ALSO having a blog for me today!!!
You can find that blog hop HERE.

I swear I am the luckiest girl in the world, and it's really awesome to feel loved :)
I hope you all have a wonderful day!!
And have fun on the hops!!!


  1. Love the crisp feel of that second card. Big wishes to you on your day (a month after mine!) - or should I say week?!?!? Whatever, have a great year :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day, sorry week :)!!! Beautiful cards.

  3. Happy Birthday Michele! Love these cards :)

  4. awesome cards by Piali!!!

    Big Birthday Wishes Michele!

  5. Happy Birthday Michele! Have a great WEEK!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! I endorse you whole week rule.

  7. Happy Birthday to you, Michele - or should I say, Happy "Birthweek!?" :) You are obviously so loved - enjoy!!

  8. Love these cards by Piali! Happy Birth-week Michele:)

  9. Happy Birthday Michele! Hope you have a great week! The girls did a fantastic job on their blog hops. So many wonderful cards!

  10. Happy, happy birthday youngster! It's all a matter of perspective & I'm way ahead of you, Michelle, but I totally agree with celebrating life & the idea of a week is terrific! 2 great cards today, too.

  11. Have a wonderful day and a blessed year ahead! I saw both hops card and they're fabulous. Enjoy!

  12. happy birthday! And always be glad that you can put one more candle on that cake. I knew too many that no longer can. Be blessed, and be content. And continue being creative.

  13. Love Piali's gorgeous cards today! And yes, you are supah special, Michele, that we all love you to pieces! Enjoy your very special birthday!

  14. A very happy birthday to you!

  15. Happy happy day after mine.. love those April birthdays..

  16. Happy, Happy Day, Michele! The hops are fun and so well-deserved for you!! (Wait until you are in your sixties, you get the whole month!!)

  17. Happy Birthday Michele! Today is also my sister's birthday and she is 40! Hope your week is wonderful!

  18. A very Happy Birthday to you Michelle! I hope your day is filled with all the things you love! The cards made today are so pretty as always :)

  19. Happy birthday! Hope you have a fabulous day!!

  20. Love the cards by Piali! Those two sentiments on the first one really do look great together. Hope you had a fabulous day yesterday, Michele!! You sure have a lot to celebrate : )

  21. Oh no I missed it! Belated Happy Birthday Michele! Both cards so cute!


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