Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 7

Happy Wednesday!
We're half way through the week :)

Girl Friday Piali has a couple of great cards to share today.
She not only stamped the leaves cluster from Calm and Gentle multiple times in different colors,
but check out the leaves falling to the ground, and on the ground!!
I'm so going to CASE this!

Nov 7 Piali#2

Next up is this cool and colorful beauty from Truth Is.
See that texty border? She inked up the words in different colors! 
Love the way that looks!
You all could totally do that too :)
Nov 7 Piali#1

OK, raise your hand if you're running to your happy inky spot to try some of these easy, and fun techniques!


  1. Those are fabulous your stamps!!!

  2. Fun cards! My hands are raised (okay after I finished typing)! :D

  3. Loving the bright pastels with the black! Can't wait for release week! How many more sleeps (lol!)


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