Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 4

Happy Sunday!
It's the first post in the new time change.
Did you remember to move your clocks back an hour?
I wasn't sure whether to use it as an extra hour to my day, or gain the extra hour of sleep *wink*
I guess either way I win, right? hehehe

I've got a few wonderful cards to show you today, and I think you're really going to dig 'em.

First up, check out this cool card from Girl Friday Angie using Woot Woot!
I designed the sentiments so that you would be able to stack them together to build fun phrasing.
Look how cool it looks!
Nov 2 Angie Tieman

This is such a simple card but still so cool.  I love the embossed background paired with a simple sentiment from Calm and Gentle.
Nov 4 Angie Tieman

All the fall color has blown off my aspens that served as my muse for this set, but they still look spectacular on Girl Friday Christina's card :)  The little touches of bling add a lot of WOW and the piercing provides a really great texture.  

Nov 4 Christina-Calm&Gentle1

So what are your plans for your extra hour?
Will you get inky? 


  1. Cute cards! You bet I'm going to get inky!!

  2. I love Woot Woof more all the time. I should have ordered it! Are you doing anther release anytime soon? I need to figure our my budget! XD

  3. AWESOME showcase of these FABULOUS stamps!!!!

  4. All three are great samples, and I'm really loving that colorful tree!


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